Office for Community Involvement

Service Learning Courses
Fall 2015

Faculty: If you are teaching a course with a service learning component, please complete the Service Learning Course Information Form

College of Allied Health Professions

REC 411 – Adventure Guiding and Instructing
Instructor:  Lynne Fitzgerald

Students are working with the Billings City Parks Department to organize and manage Refresh the Rims, an annual cleanup of the rims.  Some of our First Year Seminar Students also volunteer for this project.

College of Arts & Sciences

ARTZ 331 – Ceramics II  (*First time for this class)
Instructor:  Randi O’Brien

Students are creating an art project that will start discussions about suicide awareness as well as disseminate information on how to get help.

ARTZ 402 – Teaching Art I:  K-12 (*First time for this class)
Instructor:  Mara Pierce

Students are working with the Boys and Girls Club to plan and teach an art lesson.

COMX 481 – Media for Social Change
Instructor:  Sarah Keller

Students are pre-testing messages for a campaign on childhood obesity.

NASX 332 – MT Indians:  Cultures, Issues and Histories (*First time for this class)
Instructor:  Reno Charette

Students will do presentations for the residents at West Park Village on the rock art that exists in our region and how it relates to the oral histories of area Tribes with particular emphasis on the Blackfeet Tribe.

College of Business

BMKT 325 – Principals of Marketing
Instructor:  AJ Otjen

Students are developing a marketing strategy for Graduate Studies here at MSU Billings.

BMKT 343 – Integrated Marketing Communication
Instructor:  AJ Otjen

Students are developing a marketing strategy for Downtown Miles City and SAS Spurilla.

BMKT 342 – Marketing Research
Instructor:  Anna Talafuse

Students are researching marketing messages for Downtown Miles City, Billings Wolves, Native American Racism, MSUB Graduate Studies, Montana Independent Health Alliance and SAS Spurilla.

College of Education

EDU 397 – Methods: K-8 Mathematics
Instructor:  David Snow

Students develop and present small-group math lessons at Highland Elementary School.

City College

NRSG 130 – Fundamentals of Nursing
Instructor:  Sue Winn

Students serve meals on the Salvation Army Community Table (MSUB Night on the Van).

NRSG 148 – Leadership Issues
Instructor:  Susan Floyd

Students serve meals on the Salvation Army Community Table (MSUB Night on the Van).

NRSG 266 – Managed Client Care
Instructor:  Robin Rasmussen

Students work with a variety of community partners around the area to promote and educate on health issues.

DDSN 294 & 295 – Project Development
Instructor:  Tim Urbaniak

Students are working to scan the Moss Mansion and surrounding grounds in order to produce architectural and civil documentation.

CSTN 295 – Fieldwork
Instructor:  Terry Madtson

Students work with Classic Home Design to build a home from start to finish.  Proceeds from the sale of the home go towards scholarships for the Construction Technology Program.

CSTN 160 – Construction Concepts and Building Lab
Instructor:  Tim Starns

Students are building a new Solar Training Building for the City College Campus

NRGY 101 – Introduction to Sustainable Energy (*First time for this class)
Instructor:  Francisco Saldivar

Students are installing a 3300 Watt Solar Array at City College which will provide power to the Health Sciences building helping to offset the utility bill for the University

Civic Engagement in the First Year Seminar

ASC 111 – First Year Seminar
Instructors:  Jennifer Pope, Bryan Grove, Anna McCullough, Juanita Hooper

Students are volunteering with one of the following projects:

Head Start preschool classrooms
Salvation Army Night on the Van
Refresh the Rims
MSUB Service Saturdays
Student United Way Club Projects

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