Office for Community Involvement

Service Learning Courses - Fall 2016

College of Allied Health Professions


REC 411 – Adventure Guiding and Instructing 

Instructor:  Lynne Fitzgerald

Community Partner:  Billings Parks Department Refresh the Rims, Skyview High School


REC 311 – Adventure Leadership

Instructor:  Clinton Culp

Community Partner: Billings Parks Department Refresh the Rims


College of Arts & Sciences


ARTZ 331 – Ceramics II

Instructor:  Randi O’Brien

Community Partner:  TBD


COMX 210 – Communication in Small Groups

Instructor:  Melinda Tilton

Community Partner:  TBD


COMX 481/581 – Media for Social Change

Instructor:  Melissa Boehm

Community Partner:  Tumbleweed


College of Business


BGEN 499 – Capstone

Instructor:  Brent Kinghorn

Community Partner:  TBD


BMKT 343 – Integrated Marketing Communication

Instructor:  AJ Otjen

Community Partner:  Adult Resource Alliance


College of Education


EDU 397C – Methods K-8:  Mathematics

Instructor:  Corrine Hart

Community Partner:  Highland Elementary School


City College


NRSG 148 – Leadership Issues

Instructor:  Lisa Wood

Community Partner:  Salvation Army


NRSG 232 – Foundation of Nursing

Instructor:  Sue Winn

Community Partner:  Salvation Army


NRSG 266 – Managed Client Care

Instructor:  Robin Rasmussen

Community Partner:  TBD


CSTN 295 – Construction Technology Fieldwork

Instructor:  Terry Madtson


CSTN 160 – Construction Concepts and Building Lab

Instructor:  Tim Starns


Civic Engagement in the First Year Seminar


ASC 111 – First Year Seminar

Instructors:  Jennifer Pope, Bryan Grove, Anna McCullough, Juanita Hooper

Community Partners:  Salvation Army, Head Start, Billings Parks Department, Moss Mansion, Downtown Billings, Wise Wonders Children’s Museum, Friendship House, Montana Audubon, Billings Clinic