Office for Community Involvement

Service Learning Courses
Fall 2014



NRSG 138 – Gerontology for Nursing
Instructor:  Sue Winn

Community Partner: Highgate Senior Living
Students will do presentations to the clients on various topics – home safety, preventative health, keeping the mind sharp.

NRSG 130 – Fundamentals of Nursing
Instructor:  Sue Winn

Community Partner: The Salvation Army – “Night on the Van”
Students ride along with the Salvation Army delivering hot meals to families in need.

NRSG 266 – Managed Client Care
Instructor:  Wayne Pitt

Community Partners:  TBD
Students work in small groups with various agencies throughout the community utilizing their skills as nurses and leaders to help out.

MGMT 488 – Business Strategy
Instructor:  Jenny Leonard

Community Partners:

Belgium Blue Cattle Association
Habitat for Humanity Restore
New Billings Dog Park
Each semester students work with a struggling community business to develop and implement a new business plan.

EDU 397C – Methods: K-8 Mathematics
Instructor:  David Snow

Community Partners:

Highland Elementary
Students develop and teach math lessons to various classes.  Students also create and run an evening Math Night at the school.

Poly Drive Elementary School

Newman Elementary School
Students create and run an evening Math Night at the schools.

COMX 481/581 Media for Social Change
Instructor:  Sarah Keller

Community Partners:  Billings Clinic
Students are researching messages to prevent childhood obesity.

BMKT 343 Integrated Marketing Communication
Instructor:  AJ Otjen

Community Partners:

Billings Clinic
Students will utilize critical analysis and communication skills to develop strategy for the Billings Clinic on childhood obesity.

Billings Parks and Recreation
Students will be working on a community activity project for the Parks Department.

BMKT 342 Marketing Research
Instructor:  Abbas Heiat

Community Partner: Billings Clinic
Students will be conducting marketing research and conducting pre and post surveys for the childhood obesity project.

REC 411 Adventure Guiding and Instructing
Instructor:  Lynne Fitzgerald

Community Partner: Billings Parks and Recreation
Students will be involved in the development of a community event that involves cleaning up the Rims.  They will be conducting a safety training and orientation and then leading volunteers in different cleanup activities.

THTR 205/305 Theatre Workshop II
Instructor:  Robert Shy and Patrick Wilson

Community Partners:

Let’s Talk Billings
Students work with suicide prevention and awareness campaign.

Local Law Enforcement
Students help in training of local law enforcement by role playing situations.

PHL 322 Philosophy and Environmental Ethics
Instructor:  Lisa Kemmerer

Community Partners: TBD
Students explore various environmental ethical issues and various ways to address them.

City College and the Zoo

City College has classes from many different programs helping out the Zoo over the next few semesters, possibly even the next few years!  Classes from Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing, Automotive Technology, and Sustainable Energy will be helping repair the Zoo’s fleet of vehicles.  Class from Construction Technology will be fixing some existing structures and building new ones. Classes from Welding and Metal Fabrication will be helping with fencing and gate projects.  The following are the classes that are starting projects Fall of 2014.

AST 230 Electrical and Electronic Systems                
Instructor:  Katherine Pfau

ABDY 111 Intro to Auto Body Repair
Instructor:  Duane Alexander 

ETEC 220 Electrical Power and Distribution I
Instructor:  Francisco Saldivar

ASC 111 – First Year Seminar Civic Engagement Projects
Instructors:  Jennifer Pope, Bryan Grove, Gillette Vaira, Richard Raridon

Community Partners: 

Salvation Army – “Night on the Van”
Students ride along with the Salvation Army delivering hot meals to families in need.

Montana Rescue Mission
Students will help prepare and serve meals to people at the shelter.

Head Start
Students volunteered in the classrooms helping the children with different activities.

Billings Parks and Recreation
Students will help with the Refresh the Rims clean up.

Halloween Canned Food Drive
Students will help collected canned foods that will be donated to the Salvation Army food pantry.

Service Saturdays
Students will participate in MSUB’s Service Saturdays where our students, faculty and staff help out various community partners.

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