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Compact Service Corps

Compact Service Corps is a state-wide AmeriCorps service program through which college students tackle unmet community needs through their academic coursework.  The goal is to make connections between college campuses and the community, and to address needs through student involvement and volunteering.  Students commit to a term of service, fulfill their hours and other program requirements, and receive an Education Award upon successful completion.  The Education Award is not a personal check made payable to the student, but a voucher that is used for educational expenses only.  It can be applied toward current tuition and fees, future tuition and fees (future semesters, graduate school, etc.), or toward a qualified student loan upon graduation.

Terms of service

Education Award

1700-hour Term of Service = $5550
900-hour Term of Service = $2775
675-hour Term of Service = $2114
450-hour Term of Service = $1468
300-hour Term of Service = $1175

MSU Billings Campus Corps students
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Compact Service Corps Service Learning Members Expectations

  • Fulfill all academic requirements in your department
  • Follow the Steps of Member Enrollment (which can be provided to you by Lauren Wright in the Office for Community Involvement), submit all paperwork and appropriate ID, and submit to a background check through AmeriCorps.  Attend an in-person training to help you understand Campus Corps and your commitment.
  • Meet community needs through your internship, clinical, or student teaching hours, and track your hours on monthly timesheets.
  • Recruit a minimum of 2 volunteers over the course of the school year to do a service project with you.  You can either pick a service project of your choice, or you can participate in a project hosted by the Office for Community Involvement.  Volunteers cannot be other Campus Corps members.  Roommates, family members, and friends make great volunteers!
  • Complete all required paperwork in a timely fashion.  Timesheets are due to your coordinator in the Office for Community Involvement on the 5th of the following month.
  • Exit from the program within 30 days of the last hours on your final timesheet.


  • Education Award of $1,175-$2,775 upon successful completion of the program year
  • Great resume-builder!  AmeriCorps is a national program.  Campus Corps members are a part of a national service movement!
  • Reflection activities after service projects help you understand community needs, how you are meeting them, and what you learned by participating.
  • Enrolled members can apply for the Careers in the Common Good scholarships (up to $250) to attend local, state-wide, or national conferences to help you develop as a professional.

For general information, contact Lauren M. Wright in the Office for Community Involvement at 896-5828 or

Earn money for college while Student Teaching/Counseling in the community. Join Compact Service Corps!

Begin Enrollment Here

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