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W.S. 21-7-303: No person shall teach or supervise in a public school in this state and receive compensation therefore out of any public fund who at the time of rendering such services is not a holder of or a candidate and qualified for a certificate issued or to be issued under the laws of this state and the rules and regulations of the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board pursuant to W.S. 21-2-802.

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  1. Read all sections of the packet before completing the application.
  2. Complete all appropriate pages.
  3. Request a fingerprint packet from PTSB instructions for completing fingerprint cards. To request fingerprint cards contact
  4. Request transcripts from colleges and universities where coursework was completed.
  5. Complete the identification information on the fingerprint cards and contact a local police or sheriff's department for fingerprinting.
  6. Wyoming requires applicants to demonstrate knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and the Wyoming Constitution either through coursework or an exam. A study guide is available on the U.S. Constitution and/or the Wyoming Constitution.

Examinations are conducted by any district superintendent of schools. Applicants from out of state may take the examination in the presence of any recognized school administrator in his/her state. The examiner shall transmit the completed examination to the Professional Teaching Standards Board, affirming that it has been properly and honestly completed.

  1. Fees for application may vary. Check the application for the appropriate fee. Personal checks are acceptable.
  2. Review the checklist of required materials for your application.
  3. Return the complete application, fingerprint cards (orange and blue), and fees to PTSB.


        Only complete applications are accepted.

        It is the responsibility of the applicant to include all required materials and documentation with the application.

        Please submit all materials in one envelope. Do not request that any of the application components be sent as separate items to this office.

         Evaluation and fingerprint fees are not refundable.

Staff members of the Professional Teaching Standards Board are ready and willing to assist you with your application.

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