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Christopher Dimock, Technology Executive

Chris DimockChris’s passion is in designing and implementing technologies to enrich people’s lives, with a particular emphasis on improving their professional life.  Working with Bill Simmons, he has most recently founded a company called Elation to deliver transformative training to companies in the United States and abroad.  A strong emphasis of Elation is to use Internet and distance learning technologies to effectively deliver the tools that people need to achieve success in their lives and careers.

Prior to co-founding Elation, Chris and his wife Michaele started one of Montana’s first Internet Service Providers, Western Technology Partners, Inc (WTP) in 1995.  He grew the company until its acquisition by Avista Corporation in 1999.  With Avista, Chris managed the Montana and Wyoming region and oversaw the integration of voice and fiber services.  When Avista decided to refocus on energy production and distribution, Chris and a small group of investors repurchased the old WTP markets and formed a new company, OneEighty Communications.  The firm maintained exceptionally low customer turnover, high employee morale, close to 50% market penetration in its target market, and was profitable at a time when national carriers were declaring Chapter 11 with some regularity.  Chris also participated with other regional Internet providers to create the Yellowstone Regional Internet Exchange, a peering point through which local companies can exchange IP traffic.

Chris’s background has been in high technology, building artificial intelligence systems at Digital Equipment Corporation and participating in the design and implementation of one of the first Intranets in the world.  He has worked for Fidelity Investments and Boston College in a variety of technical and management positions.

Of particular interest to Chris is the creation of high performing work teams, and collaborative development efforts.  In pursuit of this, he has spent much of his time investigating ways to be a more effective manager in high technology environments.  Chris was an active member of the Big Sky Chapter of the Young President’s Organization.  His community involvement includes board participation with the MSUB College of Business and COT, Big Sky Economic Development Corporation and numerous other economic development and community enrichment organizations.

Chris gave the following advice to students during his presentation:

  • Believe in your mission with all of your heart.

  • Engage those around you with your mission.

  • Understand that the “impossible” is possible.

  • Be present and engaged with your mission.

  • Have a credible, written plan.

  • Businesses don’t fail, their owners give up on them.

  • Get in front of potential customers

  • Education is the key.

  • Build a support network for yourself.

  • Don’t compromise the integrity of the company.

  • Build good will.

  • Things get out of control only if you give up.

  • The “Law of Attraction” works.

  • Stay so excited about the business that it keeps you awake.

  • Kindness to others is paid back to you many times over.

  • Don’t let the competition spook you.

  • Get involved in good causes.

  • Look into your heart.

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