A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology can serve as a general Liberal Arts degree, as preparation for a career in Psychology, or as preparation for graduate school in Psychology or related fields.

As a general Liberal Arts degree, Psychology majors develop excellent interpersonal, research, writing, and analytical skills and are attractive to a wide variety of employers. Students may wish to take appropriate courses in other areas to enhance their skills and marketability. To prepare for a career in Psychology with a Bachelor’s degree, students are encouraged to consult with faculty to take appropriate courses and to pursue internships in the Billings community.

Students intending to pursue graduate education should obtain a broad background in Psychology and maintain a high GPA. All Psychology majors, but particularly those considering graduate school, are encouraged to work closely with at least one faculty member in research, and to keep in mind that letters of recommendation are required for graduate school applications and most other types of employment.

The Associate of Arts degree with a Program of Study in Applied Psychology provides part-time and paraprofessionally-oriented students with training in psychology at an intermediate level. The graduate of this program is prepared for paraprofessional level positions in human services.