Welcome to the English Program

The mission of the undergraduate English Program is to provide students with an understanding and appreciation of the development and aesthetic achievement of literatures in English, including the cultural, linguistic, and historical influences on English, American and world literatures.

Our program has three  primary areas of study -- Literature, Linguistics, and Creative Writing -- and offers two majors: the B.A. in English and the B.A. in English with the Teaching Licensure Option.  We also offer a minor: the English Minor (with emphasis on Professional Writing, Creative Writing, or Literature). In AY 20-21, we will be revising our programs to better serve our students' career paths, offer more flexibility within the majors, and streamline offerings. See the overview of the new curriculum here, to take effect with in the Fall of 2021.

Our faculty is dedicated to the teacher-scholar model of higher education, and our faculty members are engaged in research and writing projects that support and extend the work of the classroom.

For more detail, please see the individual plans of study listed to the right, and contact our Department Chair with any questions.

Faculty in English

Dr. Rachel Schaffer
Professor of English
Department Chair

Dr. David  Craig
Director of the Honors Program
Adjunct Professor of English

Tami Haaland
Professor of English

Dr. Thomas Nurmi
Associate Professor of English
Faculty Profile

Dr. Bernard Quetchenbach
Professor of English

Dr. Deborah Schaffer
Professor of English

Majors in English

Minors in English