Surgical Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Suggested Plan of Study

This suggested plan of study denotes how and through which College the students will take their courses.  Please remember this is a Missoula College University of Montana degree offered in Billings and you will only be taking a few classes through MSU Billings and City College at MSU Billings.  Ultimately your degree will be from Missoula College University of Montana.  This suggested plan of study includes information about the origin of the courses involved in the program.  This plan also suggests the normal order courses are to be taken.  Upon completion of Anatomy and Physiology with a grade of “B” or better and all other required courses with a “C” or better, students will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree from the Missoula College University of Montana, Missoula, Montana and are encouraged to take the national examination to become certified.  The program is accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).


General Education Prerequisites
These courses are to be successfully completed, or in the process of completion, at the time of application to the program.

Pre-Surgical Technology
Course Credits *Location
CAPP 120 Introduction to Computers 3 CC at MSUB
BIOH 201/202 Human Anatomy and Physiology I and lab
Grade of “B” required for BIOH 201/202
4 CC at MSUB
WRIT 101 College Writing I 3 CC at MSUB
M 105 Contemporary Mathematics 3 CC at MSUB
AHMS 144 Medical Terminology 3 CC at MSUB
Total 16  

Surgical Technology Program Curriculum

First Year – Spring Semester
*BIOH 211/212 Human Anatomy and Physiology II and lab 4 CC at MSUB
*PSYX 100 Introduction to Psychology 3 CC at MSUB
AHST 100 Introduction to Surgical Technology 3 MCUM Online
AHST 115 Surgical Lab I 2 Hospital Lab
AHST 154 Surgical Pharmacology 3 MCUM Online
AHST 164 Microbiology for the Surg Tech
(or BIOM 250 Microbiology for Health Sciences)
3 MCUM Online
Total 18  
Second Year – Fall Semester
AHST 200 Operating Room Techniques 5 MCUM Online
AHST 201 Surgical Procedures I 4 MCUM Online
AHST 215 Surgical Lab II 2 Hospital Lab
AHST 250 Surgical Clinical I 4 Hospital
*AHMS 175E Medical Law & Ethics 3 MCUM Online
Subtotal 18  
Second Year – Spring Semester
AHST 202 Surgical Procedures II 5 MCUM Online
AHST 251 Surgical Clinical II 5 Hospital
AHST 298 Surgical Internship 5 Hospital
Subtotal 15  
Total credits required 67  

*Can be taken earlier

MCUM - Missoula College University of Montana course
Hospitals - Missoula College University of Montana course offered at the Billings hospitals
CC at MSUB - City College at Montana State University Billings courses
MSU Billings - MSU Billings university campus course


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