Welding and Metal Fabrication I

Certificate of Technical Study

Suggested Plan of Study

Welding and Metal Fabrication I Certificate of Technical Study


Required Courses Credits
WLDG 117 Blueprint Reading and Welding Symbols 3
WLDG 124 Welding Theory, Technology and Safety 3
WLDG 125 Cutting and Shielded Metal Arc Welding Lab 5
WLDG 126 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Lab 4
WRIT 104 Workplace Communication 3
Total minimum credits required 18


First Semester Credits
WLDG 117 3
WLDG 124 3
WLDG 125 5
WLDG 126 4
WRIT 104 3
Total 18


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NOTE: This is a general program overview. For specific graduation requirements, please refer to the City College at MSU Billings catalog and visit with an academic or faculty advisor.