Ñ WRIT 095 Developmental Writing

[formerly ENGL 100 English Essentials]

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk)

Reviews basic grammar with emphasis on sentence structure and mechanics.  Also presents basic writing considerations, especially paragraph organization and development of the multi-paragraph essay.  Placement by student’s request or by results of Writing Placement Test, SAT, or ACT and by faculty recommendation.  Credits do not apply toward graduation requirements and do not fulfill General Education requirements.  Credits not applicable to English major or minor.  However, the credits do count towards enrollment status for financial aid.


* Ñ WRIT 101 College Writing I

[formerly ENGL 150 College Composition]

3 cr. Prerequisite: Satisfactory passing score on Placement Examination or grade of “C” or better in WRIT 095. (F, Sp)  Provides instruction in writing competencies expected of college students.  Pays special attention to writing as a problem-solving process, patterns of organization in personal and informative writing, and logical thinking and style in argumentative/persuasive writing.  (Course not applicable to English major or minor.)


WRIT 104 Workplace Communications

[formerly ENGL 102 English Essentials for Technical Writers]

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk) (F, Sp, Su)

Designed to teach students the fundamentals of the English language, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage, with emphasis on applying these skills in written communication for the work world.


ÑWRIT 121 Introduction to Technical Writing

[formerly ENGL 145 Technical Communication]

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk)  Prerequisite:  WRIT 095, WRIT 104, or qualifying score on placement exam and CAPP 120. (Sp)

Introduces the student to the creation and evaluation of several kinds of written and oral technical communication.


ÑWRIT 122 Introduction to Business Writing

[formerly ENGL 140 Business Writing]

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk)  Prerequisite:  Satisfactory completion of WRIT 095, WRIT 104, or qualifying score on the placement exam. (F, Sp, Su)

Provides instruction in the preparation of business memos, letters, reports, oral presentations, and computer assisted writing in business contexts.


* WRIT 201 College Writing II

[formerly ENGL 226 Research Writing]

3 cr. Prerequisite: WRIT 101. (F, Sp)  Provides opportunities for students to develop writing and thinking skills that are both relevant and adaptable to many writing situations and assignments.  Includes basic research writing and information gathering skills appropriate to a variety of academic disciplines.  Students will be instructed in the use of both the M.L.A. and the A.P.A. systems of documentation.


* WRIT 220 Business & Professional Writing

[formerly ENGL 201 Business Communication]

3 cr. Prerequisite: WRIT 101 or WRIT 122. (F, Sp)  Provides the study and practice of advanced writing for business and administrative settings.  The student learns to write various kinds of messages (informational, bad news, persuasive, critical, sales/solicitation) and uses various formats (memos, letters, reports).  Students work collaboratively on group writing assignments.


* WRIT 221 Intermediate Technical Writing

[formerly ENGL 210 Technical Writing]

3 cr. Prerequisite: WRIT 101 or WRIT 121. (even Sp) Emphasizes advanced strategies and techniques appropriate to descriptive and analytical writing in sciences and technical disciplines.

Ñ - This symbol denotes courses offered in an online format in addition to classroom instruction.
* These courses may only be available on the MSU Billings University Campus.