Ñ TASK 115 Keyboard Applications/Ten Key

[formerly CTBU 115 Keyboard Applications/Ten Key]

3 cr.  (1 lec/4 lab/wk) (F, Sp)

Applies keyboarding skills to the formatting of various kinds of business correspondence.  The ten-key component develops the skill to operate the computer numeric ten-key pad by the touch method.  Students will continue building speed and improving accuracy on both keyboards.


Ñ TASK 145 Records Management

[formerly CTBU 131 Records and Information Management]

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk)  Prerequisite:  CAPP 120. (F, Sp)

Applies concepts of file storage and retrieval and ARMA basic rules for the four most commonly used filing systems:  alphabetic, numeric, subject, and geographic.  Emphasis is also placed on electronic file management.  The student will learn the basics of database management through design, control, organization, and accuracy.


TASK 202 Machine Transcription

[formerly CTBU 113 Transcription]

3 cr.  (1 lec/4 lab/wk)  Prerequisites:  TASK 115, CAPP 154. (F, Sp)

Develops the ability to produce business correspondence using dictation/transcription equipment.


TASK 230 Office Career Success

[formerly CTBU 133 Office Applications]

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk) (F, Sp)

Presents practical strategies to enhance job search and career management skills through the study of contemporary workplace issues including current business practices, globalization, communications, and human relations.  Career-building assignments including skills and interest assessment assist students in achieving immediate and future goals.


TASK 292 Independent Study

V1-8 cr.


TASK 294 Seminar/Workshop

[formerly CTBU 292 Seminar]

V1-3 cr.

Provides students with the opportunity to intensely study a wide variety of topics pertinent to the field of Business and Information.


TASK 294 Seminar/Workshop

[formerly CTBU 293 Workshop]

V1-3 cr.

Provides students with the opportunity for experiential study in the varied areas of Business and Information.


TASK 298 Internship/Cooperative Education

[formerly CTBU 296 Cooperative Education/Internship]

V1-9 cr.  (45 hours/credit)

Provides university credit for a sophomore work experience in the area of Business and Information Technology, supervised by faculty.  Learning agreement must be completed prior to registration (restricted).

Ñ - This symbol denotes courses offered in an online format in addition to classroom instruction.
* These courses may only be available on the MSU Billings University Campus.