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* PSCI 210 Introduction to American Government

[formerly POLS 212 United States Government]

3 cr.  Covers the American Political System relative to central government and institutions.  Attention is given to concepts, organizations and functions with emphasis on the political, governmental and democratic processes and problems, including the role of individual and group relationships.  Provides a perspective and background for further study in Political Science.


* PSCI 220 Introduction to Comparative Government

[formerly POLS 200 Introduction to Comparative Government]

3 cr.  Introduces the ideas behind the democratic and non-democratic forms of political life in the modern world; investigates the changing nature of the role of government through systematic and comparative study of political structures, functions, behavior and changes; and provides a background for the pursuance of more specialized study in the various fields of Political Science.


* PSCI 230 Introduction to International Relations

[formerly POLS 221 International Relations]

3 cr.  Considers the nature of relations among nations, various dimensions of international politics and the nature of political challenges occasioned by the changing milieu in which international affairs are conducted.

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