* HTH 110 Personal Health and Wellness

[formerly HHP 101 Health Sciences]

3 cr. (F, Sp)  Covers contemporary health issues and explores individual and community based solutions.  Content areas to include:  medical self-care, culture and health behavior, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, mental and emotional health, consumer health, nutrition, physical fitness, environmental health, human sexuality, chronic degenerative and communicable diseases, aging, violence and personal safety, health care, and death and dying.


* HTH 270 Global Health Issues

[formerly HHP 270 Global Health Issues]

3 cr. (F)  Explores the relationships between human behavior, economics, history, culture, politics, policy formation, and the environment, while investigating the impact of these elements on the quality of health within our global community.  Class sessions will focus on  the interdisciplinary nature of health issues that impact on daily human existence.  The objective of seminar based class meetings will be to study these issues, contrasting their origins, manifestations, and possible resolutions in developed and less developed nations.

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* These courses may only be available on the MSU Billings University Campus.