* HSTA 101 American History I

[formerly HIST 204 United States History to 1877]

3 cr. (F, Sp)  Surveys American history from the establishment of the colonies to the end of the Reconstruction period after the Civil War.  Includes such topics as the English political and cultural heritage, independence, creation of the Constitution, early national period, increasing democracy, economic problems, manifest destiny, slavery, sectionalism, disunion, war, and reunion.


* HSTA 102 American History II

[formerly HIST 205 United States History Since 1877]

3 cr. (F, Sp)  Surveys the political, economic, and social development of the U.S.  since Reconstruction.  Deals with industrialization and the agrarian reaction, Progressive Era, U.S. reaction to World War I, 1920s, Depression and New Deal, background to involvement in World War II, Cold War leadership (including Korea and Vietnam), and domestic changes since WWII.

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