HIT 101 Introduction to Health Care Informatics

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk)  (F, Sp)

Introduces how multidisciplinary fields use health information technology.  This course provides an overview of the subject including history, basic knowledge of health care technology, and information and tools as applied in support of health care delivery.  Students will gain an introduction to the complexities of health care and how information technology fits withing the U.S. health care system.


HIT 265 Electronic Health Record in Medical Practice

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk)  Prerequisites:  CAPP 120, AHMS 220.  (Sp)

Introduces concepts of use and maintenance of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.  Includes skill development for navigation, implementation, and how to achieve a paperless office environment.  Explores issues around privacy, security, government regulations, and ethical/legal aspects involved with medical records in a health information technology environment.

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