* GPHY 111 Introduction to Physical Geography

[formerly GEOG 101 Physical Geography]

3 cr. (F)  Stresses the understanding of the broad concepts of physical geography.  Includes topography, climate and other geographic aspects of the earth’s environment.  Laboratory required.


* GPHY 112 Introduction to Physical Geography Laboratory

[formerly GEOG 100 Physical Geography Lab]

1 cr. Corequisite: GPHY 111. (F)  Enhances the lecture material of GPHY 111 through the use of experiential activities.


* GPHY 121 Human Geography

[formerly GEOG 120 Environment and Culture]

3 cr. (F, Sp)  Analyzes the interrelationships between man and his environment, including such topics as race, origin and dispersal of technology, livelihood patterns and settlement.


* GPHY 141 Geography of World Regions

[formerly GEOG 102 World Geography]

3 cr. (F, Sp)  Covers the regions of the world as the home of mankind, showing people’s adaptation to their physical environment.

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* These courses may only be available on the MSU Billings University Campus.