* ARTZ 101 Art Fundamentals

[formerly ART 110 Introduction to Studio Art for Non-Art Majors]

3 cr. (Stu) (F, Sp)  Encourages enhancement of two- and three-dimensional artistic skills for the general student.  Traditional and experimental materials, techniques, and concepts are emphasized.  Expect improvement of individual art abilities and understandings.  (Lab fee)


* ARTZ 105 Visual Language-Drawing

[formerly ART 161 Introduction to Drawing]

3 cr. (Stu) (F, Sp, Su)  Introduces the beginning student to the basic fundamentals of drawing including line, form, value, composition, and linear perspective.  Instruction will include drawing of various subjects and many include the nude figure.  Lab fee.


* ARTZ 131 Ceramics for Non-Majors

[formerly ART 142 Introduction to Pottery]

3 cr. (Stu) (F, Sp)  Develops the ability to design three-dimensional clay forms using manual dexterity.  Provides the individual with opportunities for creative experiences and an understanding of basic artistic developments in design, process and content of the ceramic object.  (Lab fee)

Ñ - This symbol denotes courses offered in an online format in addition to classroom instruction.
* These courses may only be available on the MSU Billings University Campus.