* ARTH 150 Introduction to Art History

[formerly ART 132 Art History Survey]

3 cr. (Lec) (F, Sp, Su)  Surveys world art from prehistory through the present day with the objective of developing a critical understanding of art forms in their historical and cultural context.


* ARTH 160 Global Visual Culture

[formerly ART 131 Global Visual Culture]

3 cr. (Lec) (F, Sp, Su)  Examines visual culture, which includes painting, sculpture, photography, the Internet, performance, cinema, advertising, and television, as our primary means of communication and of understanding our postmodern world.  Explores the effects of global visual culture on specific cultures and societies.  Special emphasis on the importance of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and the body in visual culture.

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* These courses may only be available on the MSU Billings University Campus.