* ANTY 217 Physical Anthropology and Archaeology

[formerly SOCL 212 Physical Anthropology and Archaeology]

3 cr.  Study of humans as biological organisms; human evolution; fossil humans; genetics; racial classifications and human variability; primate behavior.  Biological bases and emergence of language and culture; development of culture; survey of world prehistory and human migrations.  Consideration of method and theory in physical anthropology and archaeology.

* ANTY 220 Culture and Society

[formerly SOCL 211 Cultural Anthropology]

3 cr.  The meaning and significance of culture.  Survey of world culture areas and peoples; organization and functioning of societies, their diverse forms and degrees of elaboration.  Symbolic behavior systems and expression.  Intercultural contacts and relations.  Dynamics of cultural change and continuity.  History and methods of cultural anthropology.

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