Common Course Numbering Changes

The Common Course Numbering process is ongoing. Please see our course number equivalency tool in the class schedule at “my info” login.






ACCT-233 Principles of Accounting I ACTG-201 Principles of Fin Acct
BIOL-104 Nutrition for Health Careers NUTR-121 Clinical Human Nutrition
BIOL-251 Microbiology for the Health Sc BIOM-250 Microbiology for Hlth Sciences
BIOL-261 Microbiology for the Health Sc BIOM-251 Microbiology Hlth Sciences Lab
CARP-120 Carpentry Basics and Rough-in CSTN-120 Carpentry Bscs & Rough-In Frmg
CARP-130 Exterior Finishing, Stair Cons CSTN-145 Ext Finish, Stair, & Metal SF
CARP-140 Introduction to Site Layout CSTN-171 Ste Prp, Fndtns, Cncrt Instltn
CARP-150 Beginning Carpentry Practicum CSTN-160 Constructn Cncpts & Bldg Lab
CARP-152 Intermediate Carpentry Practic CSTN-161 Constructn Cncpts & Bldg Lb II
CARP-220 Interior Finishing CSTN-220 Interior Finishing
CARP-230 Advanced Roof, Floor, Wall, an CSTN-230 Adv Rf, Flr, Wll, Stair Systms
CARP-250 Advanced Carpentry Practicum CSTN-260 Constrctn Cncpts & Bldg Lb III
CARP-252 Capstone Carpentry Practicum CSTN-299 Capstone: Carpentry
CMP-105 Intro Computers & Applications CAPP-120 Introduction to Computers
CMP-118 Word CAPP-154 MS Word
CMP-119 Excel CAPP-156 MS Excel
CMP-121 Intro to Microsoft Outlook CAPP-110 Short Courses: MS Outlook
CMP-122 Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint CAPP-153 MS PowerPoint
CMP-235 Advanced Web Design and Develo CSCI-210 Web Programming
CMP-262 Microsoft Access CAPP-158 MS Access
CMP-292 Seminar CAPP-291 Special Topics
CMP-292 Seminar ITS-294 Seminar/Workshop
CODE-110 CPT-4 Procedure Coding AHMS-160 Beginning Procedural Coding
CODE-120 ICD-9 Diagnosis Coding AHMS-162 Beginning Diagnosis Coding
CODE-140 Computerized Medical Billing AHMS-252 Computerized Medical Billing
CODE-150 Advanced Coding and Auditing AHMS-250 Advanced Medical Coding
COMP-101 Fundamentals of Computer Scien CSCI-111A Programming with Java I
CST-130 Introduction to Scripting for CSCI-115 Programming with Perl
CST-160 Installing, Configuring and Ad ITS-160 MS Windows Vista Configuration
CST-162 Installing, Configuring and Ad ITS-162 Wndws Srvr 08 Actv Drctry Cnfg
CST-168 Installing, Configuring and Ad ITS-168 Install, Config & Admin Linux
CST-170 Introduction to Internetworkin ITS-140 CCNA 1: Discovery
CST-172 Introduction to IP Routing ITS-142 CCNA 2: Discovery
CST-174 Advanced Routing and Ethernet ITS-240 CCNA 3: Discovery
CST-176 Wide Area Networking ITS-242 CCNA 4: Discovery
CST-182 Help Desk Support ITS-182 Help Desk Support
CST-200 Cisco CCNA Exam Prep ITS-291 Special Topics
CST-211 Programming Capstone Project CSCI-299 Thesis/Capstone
CST-220 Applied Introduction to Java CSCI-111B Programming with Java I
CST-221 Applied Intermediate Java CSCI-121 Programming with Java II
CST-231 Software Development and Docum CSCI-223 Software Development
CST-233 Deploying Databases with Micro CSCI-240 Databases and SQL
CST-244 Introduction to Programming La CSCI-109 Intro to Programming Lab
CST-250 Microcomputer Hardware Mainten ITS-280 Computer Repair & Maintenance
CST-254 Advanced Hardware Technical Su ITS-254 Adv Hardware Technical Support
CST-260 Planning, Implementing, Managi ITS-210 Network OS - Desktop
CST-265 Applied Advanced Visual Basic. CSCI-120 Programming w/Visual Basic II
CST-270 Advanced Routing Configuration ITS-260 CCNP 1: Routing
CST-272 Remote Access Networks ITS-262 CCNP2:Implmntng Sec Cnvrgd WAN
CST-274 Multi-Layer Switching ITS-264 CCNP3: Switching
CST-276 Network Troubleshooting ITS-266 CCNP4:Optimizing Convergd Nwks
CST-277 Fundamentals of Wireless LANs ITS-220 Fundamentals Of Wireless LANS
CST-282 Research and Advanced Software ITS-282 Rsrch & Adv Software Tech Supp
CST-285 Help Desk Infrastructure ITS-285 Help Desk Infrastructure
CST-288 Network Security ITS-218 Network Security
CTBU-103 Payroll Accounting ACTG-180 Payroll Accounting
CTBU-105 Integrated General Ledger Acco ACTG-205 Computerized Accounting
CTBU-106 QuickBooks ACTG-125 QuickBooks
CTBU-108 Applied Accounting I ACTG-101 Accounting Procedures I
CTBU-109 Applied Accounting II ACTG-102 Accounting Procedures II
CTBU-113 Transcription TASK-202 Machine Transcription
CTBU-115 Keyboard Applications/Ten Key TASK-115 Keyboard Applications/Ten Key
CTBU-131 Records and Information Manage TASK-145 Records Management
CTBU-133 Office Applications TASK-230 Office Career Success
CTBU-153 Medical Transcription AHMS-255 Medical Transcription I
CTBU 165 Business Law BGEN 235 Business Law F12
CTBU 171 Introduction to Business BGEN 105 Introduction to Business F12
CTBU-201 Applied Accounting III ACTG-103 Accounting Procedures III
CTBU 270 Introduction to Sales & Marketing BMKT 225 Marketing F12
CTBU 280 Principles of Applied Management BMGT 235 Management F12
CTBU-291 Independent Study TASK-292 Independent Study
CTBU-292 Seminar TASK-294 Seminar/Workshop
CTBU-293 Workshop TASK-294 Seminar/Workshop
CTBU-296 Cooperative Education/Internsh TASK-298 Internship
ECON-200 Principles of Microeconomics ECNS-201 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON-201 Principles of Macroeconomics ECNS-202 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENGL-100 English Essentials WRIT-095 Developmental Writing
ENGL-102 Engl Essntl for Tech Writers WRIT-104 Workplace Communications
ENGL-140 Business Writing WRIT-122 Intro to Business Writing
ENGL-145 Technical Communication WRIT-121 Intro to Technical Writing
ENGL-180 Editing for Business Writing WRIT-180 Editing for Business Writing
HLTH-150 Health Occupations Terminology AHMS-144 Medical Terminology
HLTH-251 Medical Office Procedures AHMS-220 Medical Office Procedures
HLTH-255 Medical Law and Ethics AHMS-175 Medical Law and Ethics
HR 180 Employment Law & Practices BMGT 180 Employment Law and Practices F12
HR 250 Employment & Compensation Strategies BMGT 250 Employment and Compensation Strategies F12
HR 281 Risk Management, Safety & Security BMGT 281 Risk Management, Safety and Security F12
HR 282 Organizational Training & Development BMGT 282 Organizational Training and Development F12
HR 296 Cooperative Education/Internship BMGT 298 Internship F12
MATH-085 Math Fundamentals M-061 Basic Mathematics
MATH-101 Introductory Algebra M-090 Introductory Algebra
MATH-103 Essential Mathematics for the M-111 Technical Mathematics
MATH-104 Business Mathematics M-108 Business Mathematics
MATH-105 Alg for College Students M-095 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-106 College Algebra M-121 College Algebra
MATH-109 Using the HP-48g M-139 Graphing Calculator Workshop
MATH-122 College Math for Technology M-114 Extended Technical Mathematics
METL-111 Welding Technology, Theory and WLDG-124 Welding Theory Tech & Safety
METL-112 Blueprint Reading and Welding WLDG-117 Blueprint Rd & Weld Symbols
METL-113 Cutting and Shielded Metal Arc WLDG-125 Cut/Shielded Mtl Arc Weld Lab
METL-114 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Lab WLDG-126 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Lab
METL-151 Layout and Pattern Making Fund WLDG-152 Layout Pattern Making
METL-152 Metal Fabrication Basics WLDG-153 Metal Fabrication Basics
METL-153 Metal Fabrication Lab WLDG-154 Metal Fabrication Basics Lab
METL-154 Semi-Automatic Welding WLDG-156 Semi-Automatic Welding
METL-155 Semi-Automatic and SMAW Lab WLDG-157 Semi-Automatic & SMAW Lab
METL-211 Pipe Welding and Layout WLDG-212 Pipe Welding & Layout
METL-212 Pipe Welding Lab I WLDG-213 Pipe Welding I Lab
METL-213 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding WLDG-215 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
METL-214 Advanced Weld Technology and T WLDG-205 Applied Metallurgy
METL-251 Specialty Welding Processes WLDG-251 Specialty Weld Processes
METL-252 CNC Processes for Metal Fabric WLDG-255 CNC Burn Table Prog & Oprtn
METL-253 Weld Testing and Certification WLDG-280 Weld Testing Certification
METL-254 Weld Testing and Certification WLDG-281 Weld Testing Certification Lab
METL-292 Seminar WLDG-294 Seminar/Workshop
METL-293 Workshop WLDG-294 Seminar/Workshop
METL-296 Cooperative Education/Internsh WLDG-298 Internship/Cooperative Educ
MIS-225 Introduction to Productivity A CAPP-131 Basic MS Office
NURS-101 Introduction to Nursing NRSG-100 Introduction to Nursing
NURS-214 Basic IV Therapy NRSG-214 Basic IV Therapy
NURS-230 Fundamentals of Nursing NRSG-130 Fundamentals of Nursing
NURS-231 Fundamentals of Nursing Lab NRSG-131 Fundamentals of Nursing Lab
NURS-232 Pharmacology NRSG-135 Nursing Pharmacology
NURS-234 Gerontology NRSG-138 Gerontology for Nursing
NURS-235 Gerontology Clinical NRSG-139 Gerontology for Nursing Clncl
NURS-240 Core Concepts of Adult Nursing NRSG-140 Core Adult Nursing
NURS-241 Core Concepts of Adult Nursing NRSG-141 Core Adult Nursing Clinical
NURS-242 Core Concepts of Maternal/Chil NRSG-142 Core Maternal/Child Nursing
NURS-243 Core Concepts of Maternal/Chil NRSG-143 Core Maternal/Chld Nrsng Clncl
NURS-244 Core Concepts of Mental Health NRSG-144 Core Mental Health Nursing
NURS-246 Leadership Issues NRSG-148 Leadership Issues
NURS-247 Leadership Issues Clinical NRSG-149 Leadership Issues Clinical
NURS-248 Transition to Registered Nursi NRSG-250 LPN to RN Transition
NURS-250 Pathophysiology NRSG-256 Pathophysiology
NURS-252 Complex Care Needs of the Mate NRSG-252 Cmplx Care Maternal/Child
NURS-253 Complex Care Needs of the Mate NRSG-253 Cmplx Care Maternal/Chld Clncl
NURS-254 Complex Care Needs of the Ment NRSG-254 Cmplx Care Mental Health
NURS-255 Complex Care Needs of the Ment NRSG-255 Cmplx Care Mental Health Clncl
NURS-260 Complex Care Needs of the Adul NRSG-262 Cmplx Care Adult
NURS-261 Complex Care Needs of the Adul NRSG-263 Cmplx Care Adult Clncl
NURS-262 Advanced Clinical Skills NRSG-265 Advanced Clinical Skills Lab
NURS-264 Managing Client Care NRSG-266 Managed Client Care
NURS-265 Managing Client Care Clinical NRSG-267 Managed Client Care Clinical
NURS-292 Seminar - Special Projects NRSG-291 Special Topics
NURS-293 Workshop NRSG-294 Seminar/Workshop
PSYC-101 General Psychology PSYX-100 Intro to Psychology
RAD-101 Radiological Technology I AHXR-150 Radiological Technology I
RAD-102 Clinical Radiology I AHXR-195A Radiographic Clinical: I
RAD-103 Radiology I Positioning Lab AHXR-151 Radiology I Positioning Lab
RAD-104 Introduction to Radiologic Phy AHXR-108 Intro to Radiologic Physics
RAD-105 Patient Care in Radiology AHXR-101 Patient Care in Radiology
RAD-108 Clinical Radiology Intersessn AHXR-195 Clinical Radiology
RAD-110 Radiation Physics and Biologic AHXR-225 Radiobiology/Radiation Ptrctn
RAD-151 Radiologic Technology II AHXR-160 Radiological Technology II
RAD-152 Clinical Radiology II AHXR-195B Radiographic Clinical: II
RAD-153 Radiology II Positioning Lab AHXR-161 Radiology II Positioning Lab
RAD-181 Radiologic Technology III AHXR-180 Radiological Technology III
RAD-182 Clinical Radiology III AHXR-195C Radiographic Clinical: III
RAD-183 Radiology III Positioning Lab AHXR-181 Radiology III Positioning Lab
RAD-201 Radiological Technology IV AHXR-250 Radiological Technology IV
RAD-202 Clinical Radiology IV AHXR-295A Radiographic Clinical: IV
RAD-251 Radiological Technology V AHXR-260 Radiological Technology V
RAD-252 Clinical Radiology V AHXR-295B Radiographic Clinical: V
RAD-271 Registry Review AHXR-270 Radiographic Registry Review
TRID-110 Fundamentals of Construction T CSTN-100 Fndmntls of Construction Tech
TRID-112 Blueprint Reading for Construc CSTN-147 Blueprint Reading
TRID-115 Using a Construction Calculato CSTN-115 Construction Calc & Estimating
TRID-120 Introduction to Concrete CSTN-101 Introduction to Concrete
TRID-125 Introduction to Flooring Insta CSTN-108 Intro to Flooring Installation
TRID-130 Basic Rigging CSTN-135 Basic Rigging
TRID-131 Metal Building Construction CSTN-132 Metal Building Construction
TRID-220 Advanced Concrete Working CSTN-201 Advanced Concrete Working