Common Course Numbering Changes

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ACCT-233 Principles of Accounting I ACTG-201 Principles of Fin Acct
BIOL-104 Nutrition for Health Careers NUTR-121 Clinical Human Nutrition
BIOL-251 Microbiology for the Health Sc BIOM-250 Microbiology for Hlth Sciences
BIOL-261 Microbiology for the Health Sc BIOM-251 Microbiology Hlth Sciences Lab
CARP-120 Carpentry Basics and Rough-in CSTN-120 Carpentry Bscs & Rough-In Frmg
CARP-130 Exterior Finishing, Stair Cons CSTN-145 Ext Finish, Stair, & Metal SF
CARP-140 Introduction to Site Layout CSTN-171 Ste Prp, Fndtns, Cncrt Instltn
CARP-150 Beginning Carpentry Practicum CSTN-160 Constructn Cncpts & Bldg Lab
CARP-152 Intermediate Carpentry Practic CSTN-161 Constructn Cncpts & Bldg Lb II
CARP-220 Interior Finishing CSTN-220 Interior Finishing
CARP-230 Advanced Roof, Floor, Wall, an CSTN-230 Adv Rf, Flr, Wll, Stair Systms
CARP-250 Advanced Carpentry Practicum CSTN-260 Constrctn Cncpts & Bldg Lb III
CARP-252 Capstone Carpentry Practicum CSTN-299 Capstone: Carpentry
CMP-105 Intro Computers & Applications CAPP-120 Introduction to Computers
CMP-118 Word CAPP-154 MS Word
CMP-119 Excel CAPP-156 MS Excel
CMP-121 Intro to Microsoft Outlook CAPP-110 Short Courses: MS Outlook
CMP-122 Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint CAPP-153 MS PowerPoint
CMP-235 Advanced Web Design and Develo CSCI-210 Web Programming
CMP-262 Microsoft Access CAPP-158 MS Access
CMP-292 Seminar CAPP-291 Special Topics
CMP-292 Seminar ITS-294 Seminar/Workshop
CODE-110 CPT-4 Procedure Coding AHMS-160 Beginning Procedural Coding
CODE-120 ICD-9 Diagnosis Coding AHMS-162 Beginning Diagnosis Coding
CODE-140 Computerized Medical Billing AHMS-252 Computerized Medical Billing
CODE-150 Advanced Coding and Auditing AHMS-250 Advanced Medical Coding
COMP-101 Fundamentals of Computer Scien CSCI-111A Programming with Java I
CST-130 Introduction to Scripting for CSCI-115 Programming with Perl
CST-160 Installing, Configuring and Ad ITS-160 MS Windows Vista Configuration
CST-162 Installing, Configuring and Ad ITS-162 Wndws Srvr 08 Actv Drctry Cnfg
CST-168 Installing, Configuring and Ad ITS-168 Install, Config & Admin Linux
CST-170 Introduction to Internetworkin ITS-140 CCNA 1: Discovery
CST-172 Introduction to IP Routing ITS-142 CCNA 2: Discovery
CST-174 Advanced Routing and Ethernet ITS-240 CCNA 3: Discovery
CST-176 Wide Area Networking ITS-242 CCNA 4: Discovery
CST-182 Help Desk Support ITS-182 Help Desk Support
CST-200 Cisco CCNA Exam Prep ITS-291 Special Topics
CST-211 Programming Capstone Project CSCI-299 Thesis/Capstone
CST-220 Applied Introduction to Java CSCI-111B Programming with Java I
CST-221 Applied Intermediate Java CSCI-121 Programming with Java II
CST-231 Software Development and Docum CSCI-223 Software Development
CST-233 Deploying Databases with Micro CSCI-240 Databases and SQL
CST-244 Introduction to Programming La CSCI-109 Intro to Programming Lab
CST-250 Microcomputer Hardware Mainten ITS-280 Computer Repair & Maintenance
CST-254 Advanced Hardware Technical Su ITS-254 Adv Hardware Technical Support
CST-260 Planning, Implementing, Managi ITS-210 Network OS - Desktop
CST-265 Applied Advanced Visual Basic. CSCI-120 Programming w/Visual Basic II
CST-270 Advanced Routing Configuration ITS-260 CCNP 1: Routing
CST-272 Remote Access Networks ITS-262 CCNP2:Implmntng Sec Cnvrgd WAN
CST-274 Multi-Layer Switching ITS-264 CCNP3: Switching
CST-276 Network Troubleshooting ITS-266 CCNP4:Optimizing Convergd Nwks
CST-277 Fundamentals of Wireless LANs ITS-220 Fundamentals Of Wireless LANS
CST-282 Research and Advanced Software ITS-282 Rsrch & Adv Software Tech Supp
CST-285 Help Desk Infrastructure ITS-285 Help Desk Infrastructure
CST-288 Network Security ITS-218 Network Security
CTBU-103 Payroll Accounting ACTG-180 Payroll Accounting
CTBU-105 Integrated General Ledger Acco ACTG-205 Computerized Accounting
CTBU-106 QuickBooks ACTG-125 QuickBooks
CTBU-108 Applied Accounting I ACTG-101 Accounting Procedures I
CTBU-109 Applied Accounting II ACTG-102 Accounting Procedures II
CTBU-113 Transcription TASK-202 Machine Transcription
CTBU-115 Keyboard Applications/Ten Key TASK-115 Keyboard Applications/Ten Key
CTBU-131 Records and Information Manage TASK-145 Records Management
CTBU-133 Office Applications TASK-230 Office Career Success
CTBU-153 Medical Transcription AHMS-255 Medical Transcription I
CTBU 165 Business Law BGEN 235 Business Law F12
CTBU 171 Introduction to Business BGEN 105 Introduction to Business F12
CTBU-201 Applied Accounting III ACTG-103 Accounting Procedures III
CTBU 270 Introduction to Sales & Marketing BMKT 225 Marketing F12
CTBU 280 Principles of Applied Management BMGT 235 Management F12
CTBU-291 Independent Study TASK-292 Independent Study
CTBU-292 Seminar TASK-294 Seminar/Workshop
CTBU-293 Workshop TASK-294 Seminar/Workshop
CTBU-296 Cooperative Education/Internsh TASK-298 Internship
ECON-200 Principles of Microeconomics ECNS-201 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON-201 Principles of Macroeconomics ECNS-202 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENGL-100 English Essentials WRIT-095 Developmental Writing
ENGL-102 Engl Essntl for Tech Writers WRIT-104 Workplace Communications
ENGL-140 Business Writing WRIT-122 Intro to Business Writing
ENGL-145 Technical Communication WRIT-121 Intro to Technical Writing
ENGL-180 Editing for Business Writing WRIT-180 Editing for Business Writing
HLTH-150 Health Occupations Terminology AHMS-144 Medical Terminology
HLTH-251 Medical Office Procedures AHMS-220 Medical Office Procedures
HLTH-255 Medical Law and Ethics AHMS-175 Medical Law and Ethics
HR 180 Employment Law & Practices BMGT 180 Employment Law and Practices F12
HR 250 Employment & Compensation Strategies BMGT 250 Employment and Compensation Strategies F12
HR 281 Risk Management, Safety & Security BMGT 281 Risk Management, Safety and Security F12
HR 282 Organizational Training & Development BMGT 282 Organizational Training and Development F12
HR 296 Cooperative Education/Internship BMGT 298 Internship F12
MATH-085 Math Fundamentals M-061 Basic Mathematics
MATH-101 Introductory Algebra M-090 Introductory Algebra
MATH-103 Essential Mathematics for the M-111 Technical Mathematics
MATH-104 Business Mathematics M-108 Business Mathematics
MATH-105 Alg for College Students M-095 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-106 College Algebra M-121 College Algebra
MATH-109 Using the HP-48g M-139 Graphing Calculator Workshop
MATH-122 College Math for Technology M-114 Extended Technical Mathematics
METL-111 Welding Technology, Theory and WLDG-124 Welding Theory Tech & Safety
METL-112 Blueprint Reading and Welding WLDG-117 Blueprint Rd & Weld Symbols
METL-113 Cutting and Shielded Metal Arc WLDG-125 Cut/Shielded Mtl Arc Weld Lab
METL-114 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Lab WLDG-126 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Lab
METL-151 Layout and Pattern Making Fund WLDG-152 Layout Pattern Making
METL-152 Metal Fabrication Basics WLDG-153 Metal Fabrication Basics
METL-153 Metal Fabrication Lab WLDG-154 Metal Fabrication Basics Lab
METL-154 Semi-Automatic Welding WLDG-156 Semi-Automatic Welding
METL-155 Semi-Automatic and SMAW Lab WLDG-157 Semi-Automatic & SMAW Lab
METL-211 Pipe Welding and Layout WLDG-212 Pipe Welding & Layout
METL-212 Pipe Welding Lab I WLDG-213 Pipe Welding I Lab
METL-213 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding WLDG-215 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
METL-214 Advanced Weld Technology and T WLDG-205 Applied Metallurgy
METL-251 Specialty Welding Processes WLDG-251 Specialty Weld Processes
METL-252 CNC Processes for Metal Fabric WLDG-255 CNC Burn Table Prog & Oprtn
METL-253 Weld Testing and Certification WLDG-280 Weld Testing Certification
METL-254 Weld Testing and Certification WLDG-281 Weld Testing Certification Lab
METL-292 Seminar WLDG-294 Seminar/Workshop
METL-293 Workshop WLDG-294 Seminar/Workshop
METL-296 Cooperative Education/Internsh WLDG-298 Internship/Cooperative Educ
MIS-225 Introduction to Productivity A CAPP-131 Basic MS Office
NURS-101 Introduction to Nursing NRSG-100 Introduction to Nursing
NURS-214 Basic IV Therapy NRSG-214 Basic IV Therapy
NURS-230 Fundamentals of Nursing NRSG-130 Fundamentals of Nursing
NURS-231 Fundamentals of Nursing Lab NRSG-131 Fundamentals of Nursing Lab
NURS-232 Pharmacology NRSG-135 Nursing Pharmacology
NURS-234 Gerontology NRSG-138 Gerontology for Nursing
NURS-235 Gerontology Clinical NRSG-139 Gerontology for Nursing Clncl
NURS-240 Core Concepts of Adult Nursing NRSG-140 Core Adult Nursing
NURS-241 Core Concepts of Adult Nursing NRSG-141 Core Adult Nursing Clinical
NURS-242 Core Concepts of Maternal/Chil NRSG-142 Core Maternal/Child Nursing
NURS-243 Core Concepts of Maternal/Chil NRSG-143 Core Maternal/Chld Nrsng Clncl
NURS-244 Core Concepts of Mental Health NRSG-144 Core Mental Health Nursing
NURS-246 Leadership Issues NRSG-148 Leadership Issues
NURS-247 Leadership Issues Clinical NRSG-149 Leadership Issues Clinical
NURS-248 Transition to Registered Nursi NRSG-250 LPN to RN Transition
NURS-250 Pathophysiology NRSG-256 Pathophysiology
NURS-252 Complex Care Needs of the Mate NRSG-252 Cmplx Care Maternal/Child
NURS-253 Complex Care Needs of the Mate NRSG-253 Cmplx Care Maternal/Chld Clncl
NURS-254 Complex Care Needs of the Ment NRSG-254 Cmplx Care Mental Health
NURS-255 Complex Care Needs of the Ment NRSG-255 Cmplx Care Mental Health Clncl
NURS-260 Complex Care Needs of the Adul NRSG-262 Cmplx Care Adult
NURS-261 Complex Care Needs of the Adul NRSG-263 Cmplx Care Adult Clncl
NURS-262 Advanced Clinical Skills NRSG-265 Advanced Clinical Skills Lab
NURS-264 Managing Client Care NRSG-266 Managed Client Care
NURS-265 Managing Client Care Clinical NRSG-267 Managed Client Care Clinical
NURS-292 Seminar - Special Projects NRSG-291 Special Topics
NURS-293 Workshop NRSG-294 Seminar/Workshop
PSYC-101 General Psychology PSYX-100 Intro to Psychology
RAD-101 Radiological Technology I AHXR-150 Radiological Technology I
RAD-102 Clinical Radiology I AHXR-195A Radiographic Clinical: I
RAD-103 Radiology I Positioning Lab AHXR-151 Radiology I Positioning Lab
RAD-104 Introduction to Radiologic Phy AHXR-108 Intro to Radiologic Physics
RAD-105 Patient Care in Radiology AHXR-101 Patient Care in Radiology
RAD-108 Clinical Radiology Intersessn AHXR-195 Clinical Radiology
RAD-110 Radiation Physics and Biologic AHXR-225 Radiobiology/Radiation Ptrctn
RAD-151 Radiologic Technology II AHXR-160 Radiological Technology II
RAD-152 Clinical Radiology II AHXR-195B Radiographic Clinical: II
RAD-153 Radiology II Positioning Lab AHXR-161 Radiology II Positioning Lab
RAD-181 Radiologic Technology III AHXR-180 Radiological Technology III
RAD-182 Clinical Radiology III AHXR-195C Radiographic Clinical: III
RAD-183 Radiology III Positioning Lab AHXR-181 Radiology III Positioning Lab
RAD-201 Radiological Technology IV AHXR-250 Radiological Technology IV
RAD-202 Clinical Radiology IV AHXR-295A Radiographic Clinical: IV
RAD-251 Radiological Technology V AHXR-260 Radiological Technology V
RAD-252 Clinical Radiology V AHXR-295B Radiographic Clinical: V
RAD-271 Registry Review AHXR-270 Radiographic Registry Review
TRID-110 Fundamentals of Construction T CSTN-100 Fndmntls of Construction Tech
TRID-112 Blueprint Reading for Construc CSTN-147 Blueprint Reading
TRID-115 Using a Construction Calculato CSTN-115 Construction Calc & Estimating
TRID-120 Introduction to Concrete CSTN-101 Introduction to Concrete
TRID-125 Introduction to Flooring Insta CSTN-108 Intro to Flooring Installation
TRID-130 Basic Rigging CSTN-135 Basic Rigging
TRID-131 Metal Building Construction CSTN-132 Metal Building Construction
TRID-220 Advanced Concrete Working CSTN-201 Advanced Concrete Working
CST 270 Advanced Routing Configuration ITS 260 CCNP:  Routing
CST 272 Remote Access Networks ITS 262 CCNP2:Implmntng Sec Cnvrgd WAN
CST 274 Multi-Layer Switching ITS 264 CCNP:  Switching
CST 276 Network Troubleshooting ITS 266 CCNP4:Optimizing Convergd Nwks
CST 277 Fundamentals of Wireless LANs ITS 220 Fundamentals Of Wireless LANS
CST 282 Research and Advanced Software ITS 282 Rsrch & Adv Software Tech Supp
CST 285 Help Desk Infrastructure ITS 285 Help Desk Infrastructure
CST 288 Network Security ITS 218 Network Security
CTBU 103 Payroll Accounting ACTG 180 Payroll Accounting
CTBU 105 Integrated General Ledger Acco ACTG 205 Computerized Accounting
CTBU 106 QuickBooks ACTG 125 QuickBooks
CTBU 108 Applied Accounting I ACTG 101 Accounting Procedures I
CTBU 109 Applied Accounting II ACTG 102 Accounting Procedures II
CTBU 113 Transcription TASK 202 Machine Transcription
CTBU 115 Keyboard Applications/Ten Key TASK 115 Keyboard Applications/Ten Key
CTBU 131 Records and Information Manage TASK 145 Records Management
CTBU 133 Office Applications TASK 230 Office Career Success
CTBU 153 Medical Transcription AHMS 255 Medical Transcription I
CTBU 201 Applied Accounting III ACTG 103 Accounting Procedures III
CTBU 291 Independent Study TASK 292 Independent Study
CTBU 292 Seminar TASK 294 Seminar/Workshop
CTBU 293 Workshop TASK 294 Seminar/Workshop
CTBU 296 Cooperative Education/Internsh TASK 298 Internship
ECON 200 Principles of Microeconomics ECNS 201 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics ECNS 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENGL 100 English Essentials WRIT 095 Developmental Writing
ENGL 102 Engl Essntl for Tech Writers WRIT 104 Workplace Communications
ENGL 140 Business Writing WRIT 122 Intro to Business Writing
ENGL 145 Technical Communication WRIT 121 Intro to Technical Writing
ENGL 150 College Composition WRIT 101 College Writing I
ENGL 180 Editing for Business Writing WRIT 180 Editing for Business Writing
HLTH 150 Health Occupations Terminology AHMS 144 Medical Terminology
HLTH 251 Medical Office Procedures AHMS 220 Medical Office Procedures
HLTH 255 Medical Law and Ethics AHMS 175 Medical Law and Ethics
MATH 085 Math Fundamentals M 061 Basic Mathematics
MATH 101 Introductory Algebra M 090 Introductory Algebra
MATH 103 Essential Mathematics for the M 111 Technical Mathematics
MATH 104 Business Mathematics M 108 Business Mathematics
MATH 105 Alg for College Students M 095 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 106 College Algebra M 121 College Algebra
MATH 109 Using the HP-48g M 139 Graphing Calculator Workshop
MATH 122 College Math for Technology M 114 Extended Technical Mathematics
MATH 292 Seminar M 294 Seminar/Workshop
MATH 293 Workshop M 294 Seminar/Workshop
METL 111 Welding Technology, Theory and WLDG 124 Welding Theory Tech & Safety
METL 112 Blueprint Reading and Welding WLDG 117 Blueprint Rd & Weld Symbols
METL 113 Cutting and Shielded Metal Arc WLDG 125 Cut/Shielded Mtl Arc Weld Lab
METL 114 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Lab WLDG 126 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Lab
METL 151 Layout and Pattern Making Fund WLDG 152 Layout Pattern Making
METL 152 Metal Fabrication Basics WLDG 153 Metal Fabrication Basics
METL 153 Metal Fabrication Lab WLDG 154 Metal Fabrication Basics Lab
METL 154 Semi-Automatic Welding WLDG 156 Semi-Automatic Welding
METL 155 Semi-Automatic and SMAW Lab WLDG 157 Semi-Automatic & SMAW Lab
METL 211 Pipe Welding and Layout WLDG 212 Pipe Welding & Layout
METL 212 Pipe Welding Lab I WLDG 213 Pipe Welding I Lab
METL 213 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding WLDG 215 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
METL 214 Advanced Weld Technology and T WLDG 205 Applied Metallurgy
METL 251 Specialty Welding Processes WLDG 251 Specialty Weld Processes
METL 252 CNC Processes for Metal Fabric WLDG 255 CNC Burn Table Prog & Oprtn
METL 253 Weld Testing and Certification WLDG 280 Weld Testing Certification
METL 254 Weld Testing and Certification WLDG 281 Weld Testing Certification Lab
METL 292 Seminar WLDG 294 Seminar/Workshop
METL 293 Workshop WLDG 294 Seminar/Workshop
METL 296 Cooperative Education/Internsh WLDG 298 Internship/Cooperative Educ
MIS 225 Introduction to Productivity A CAPP 131 Basic MS Office
NURS 101 Introduction to Nursing NRSG 100 Introduction to Nursing
NURS 214 Basic IV Therapy NRSG 214 Basic IV Therapy
NURS 230 Fundamentals of Nursing NRSG 130 Fundamentals of Nursing
NURS 231 Fundamentals of Nursing Lab NRSG 131 Fundamentals of Nursing Lab
NURS 232 Pharmacology NRSG 135 Nursing Pharmacology
NURS 234 Gerontology NRSG 138 Gerontology for Nursing
NURS 235 Gerontology Clinical NRSG 139 Gerontology for Nursing Clncl
NURS 240 Core Concepts of Adult Nursing NRSG 140 Core Adult Nursing
NURS 241 Core Concepts of Adult Nursing NRSG 141 Core Adult Nursing Clinical
NURS 242 Core Concepts of Maternal/Chil NRSG 142 Core Maternal/Child Nursing
NURS 243 Core Concepts of Maternal/Chil NRSG 143 Core Maternal/Chld Nrsng Clncl
NURS 244 Core Concepts of Mental Health NRSG 144 Core Mental Health Nursing
NURS 246 Leadership Issues NRSG 148 Leadership Issues
NURS 247 Leadership Issues Clinical NRSG 149 Leadership Issues Clinical
NURS 248 Transition to Registered Nursi NRSG 250 LPN to RN Transition
NURS 250 Pathophysiology NRSG 256 Pathophysiology
NURS 252 Complex Care Needs of the Mate NRSG 252 Cmplx Care Maternal/Child
NURS 253 Complex Care Needs of the Mate NRSG 253 Cmplx Care Maternal/Chld Clncl
NURS 254 Complex Care Needs of the Ment NRSG 254 Cmplx Care Mental Health
NURS 255 Complex Care Needs of the Ment NRSG 255 Cmplx Care Mental Health Clncl
NURS 260 Complex Care Needs of the Adul NRSG 262 Cmplx Care Adult
NURS 261 Complex Care Needs of the Adul NRSG 263 Cmplx Care Adult Clncl
NURS 262 Advanced Clinical Skills NRSG 265 Advanced Clinical Skills Lab
NURS 264 Managing Client Care NRSG 266 Managed Client Care
NURS 265 Managing Client Care Clinical NRSG 267 Managed Client Care Clinical
NURS 292 Seminar - Special Projects NRSG 291 Special Topics
NURS 293 Workshop NRSG 294 Seminar/Workshop
PSYC 101 General Psychology PSYX 100 Intro to Psychology
RAD 101 Radiological Technology I AHXR 150 Radiological Technology I
RAD 102 Clinical Radiology I AHXR 195A Radiographic Clinical: I
RAD 103 Radiology I Positioning Lab AHXR 151 Radiology I Positioning Lab
RAD 104 Introduction to Radiologic Phy AHXR 108 Intro to Radiologic Physics
RAD 105 Patient Care in Radiology AHXR 101 Patient Care in Radiology
RAD 108 Clinical Radiology Intersessn AHXR 195 Clinical Radiology
RAD 110 Radiation Physics and Biologic AHXR 225 Radiobiology/Radiation Ptrctn
RAD 151 Radiologic Technology II AHXR 160 Radiological Technology II
RAD 152 Clinical Radiology II AHXR 195B Radiographic Clinical: II
RAD 153 Radiology II Positioning Lab AHXR 161 Radiology II Positioning Lab
RAD 181 Radiologic Technology III AHXR 180 Radiological Technology III
RAD 182 Clinical Radiology III AHXR 195C Radiographic Clinical: III
RAD 183 Radiology III Positioning Lab AHXR 181 Radiology III Positioning Lab
RAD 201 Radiological Technology IV AHXR 250 Radiological Technology IV
RAD 202 Clinical Radiology IV AHXR 295A Radiographic Clinical: IV
RAD 251 Radiological Technology V AHXR 260 Radiological Technology V
RAD 252 Clinical Radiology V AHXR 295B Radiographic Clinical: V
RAD 271 Registry Review AHXR 270 Radiographic Registry Review
SOCL 101 Introduction to Sociology SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology
TRID 110 Fundamentals of Construction T CSTN 100 Fndmntls of Construction Tech
TRID 112 Blueprint Reading for Construc CSTN 147 Blueprint Reading
TRID 115 Using a Construction Calculato CSTN 115 Construction Calc & Estimating
TRID 120 Introduction to Concrete CSTN 101 Introduction to Concrete
TRID 125 Introduction to Flooring Insta CSTN 108 Intro to Flooring Installation
TRID 130 Basic Rigging CSTN 135 Basic Rigging
TRID 131 Metal Building Construction CSTN 132 Metal Building Construction
TRID 220 Advanced Concrete Working CSTN 201 Advanced Concrete Working

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