Course Descriptions

Trade and Industry

TRID 140 Automobile Sheet Metal and Structural MIG Welding

2 cr.  (1 lec/2 lab/wk) (F)

Demonstrates the basic methods and techniques used in GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) also referred to as MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding.  The MIG welding concentration is focused on gauges of metal used in the production of modern automobiles.


TRID 150 Environmental and Shop Practices

2 cr.  (1 lec/2 lab/wk) (F, Sp)

Informs students on safety, hazardous materials and toxic waste.  Students are given a working knowledge of tool use, measuring devices, fasteners, use of shop manuals, and hazardous waste precautions and handling procedures.


TRID 151 Welding

2 cr.  (1 lec/2 lab/wk) (F, Sp)

A theory and practical course designed to give students experience in oxyacetylene welding, cutting, and arc welding processes used in the trade and industrial field applications.  Various types of welders and electrodes are used for practice on weld coupons.


TRID 152 Vehicle Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

3 cr.  (1 lec/4 lab/wk) (F, Sp)

The auto air portion of this course is designed to help students gain an understanding and working knowledge of air conditioning systems and controls currently used in automobiles and trucks.  Theory, diagnosis and service procedures, and environmental concerns are presented to give students the necessary skills to repair vehicle air conditioning systems.


TRID 160 Hazardous Materials Technician General Training

3 cr.  (2 lec/2 lab/wk) (Sp)

Provides hazardous materials training needed to meet all requirements of the first responder at the awareness, operations, and technician level of emergency hazardous materials response.  Technicians shall meet the training requirements in accordance with requirements of OSHA and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).


TRID 170 Engine Theory

4 cr.  (4 lec/wk) Prerequisites: Eligible to enter WRIT 104 and a minimum RD 101 Compass score of 72 or appropriate transfer work. (F)

Theory-driven introductory course that will give the student a basic understanding of compression and spark ignition engines.  This course will study engine components, terminology of engine design, and will provide a basic understanding of engine design and operation.  This is not an engine overhaul course.



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TRID 180 Electrical Systems

4 cr.  (2 lec/4 lab/wk) Prerequisite: M065 or appropriate placement score. (F, Sp)

Covers introductory material in Automotive Electrical Systems.  This course is designed to give the student a strong background in the theory of operation, diagnosis, and repair of electrical and electronic systems.  Theory of AC/DC electricity, Ohm’s Law, magnetism, wiring, and measuring devices are discussed.  Units covered include the theory of testing and/or repair of automotive and heavy-duty batteries, starters, alternators, and regulators.


TRID 185 Introduction to Industrial Power Systems Lecture

2 cr.  (2 lec/wk)

Covers the fundamental principles of direct current and alternating current circuits and their use in an industrial setting.  Also includes transformers and electrical distribution systems.


TRID 186 Introduction to Industrial Power Systems Laboratory

1 cr.  (2 lab/wk)  Corequisite:  TRID 185.

Provides students exposure to major concepts of industry through hands-on laboratory investigations and application of principles learned in TRI 185.


TRID 190 Introduction to Residential Wiring

3 cr.  (2 lec/2 lab/wk)

Introduces wiring methods and materials used in single- and two-family dwellings.  It covers basic installation and replacement techniques for residential electrical components.


TRID 290 Internship

Credit varies.

Integrates coursework with program-related work experience in business, industry, and/or government.  Students do not receive pay.  This must be coordinated through the department chairperson.


TRID 292 Seminar

V1-3 cr.

Provides students an opportunity to investigate intensively topics pertinent to the field of trade and industry.


TRID 293 Workshop

V1-3 cr.

Provides an opportunity for experimental study in an area of trade and industry.