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Philosophy Courses

* PHL 110 Problems of Good and Evil:  Introduction to Ethics
[formerly PHIL 115 Ethics]
3 cr. (F, Sp)  Explores important historical examples of ethical theories in order to introduce an understanding of the moral point of view.  Provides practice in analyzing and assessing moral claims, and encourages reflection on one’s own sense of what is right and wrong and good and bad.


* PHL 111 Philosophies of Life
[formerly PHIL 117 Philosophies of Life]
3 cr. (F, Sp)  Explores biographical and autobiographical materials in order to discern the values, visions, and motivation of great figures from different eras and cultures.  Each student will work at clarifying his or her philosophy of life.



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* PHL 271 Philosophy and Religion of India
[formerly PHIL 233 Philosophies and Religions of India]
3 cr. (F)  Examines the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist traditions comparatively, exploring such topics as mythology, death, salvation, attitudes toward women and the natural world, and moral ideals.  Survey includes aspects of history, literature, art, philosophy, and religious beliefs and practices.


* PHL 272 Philosophy and Religion of China, Tibet, and Japan
[formerly PHIL 234 Philosophies and Religions of China, Tibet, and Japan]
3 cr. (Sp)  Surveys Confucian, Taoist, Zen, and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions from historical, literary, aesthetic, and social-political dimensions past and present.  Readings typically include Confucius (Kongzi), Laozi, Guanzi, Bodhidharma, Suzuki, and the Dalai Lama.