Course Descriptions

Business Management

BMGT 102 Business Basics for Brewing and Distillery

3 cr. (3 lec/wk) (Sp)

Provides an overall picture of business operations in micro-brewing and distillery.  Specialized business concepts within brewery business are presented and analyzed.  This course will cover functional concepts and fundamentals required to start and operate a craft brewery.  Areas of focus include regulations, operations, finance, and marketing.


Ñ BMGT 180 Employment Law and Practices

[formerly HR 180 Employment Law and Practices]

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk) (F, Sp)

Introduces students to laws and practices affecting the employer-employee relationship.  Students gain a general knowledge of employment law, diversity
management, equal employment opportunity, record-keeping requirements, and affirmative action.


Ñ BMGT 235 Management

[formerly CTBU 280 Principles of Applied Management]

3 cr. (3 lec/wk)

Introduces students to the study of management and organizational principles of business firms.  Emphasis is on effectively working through others to achieve objectives.  This is done by exploring planning, decision making, organizing, leading, staffing, controlling, EEOC requirements, appraising performance, and handling disciplinary problems.


Ñ BMGT 250 Employment and Compensation Strategies

[formerly HR 250 Employment and Compensation Strategies]

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk) (F)

Introduces students to the recruiting and selection process, including interviewing techniques and the legal implications in the recruiting and hiring process.  Explores different labor market approaches and organizational recruiting activities.  Examines compensation practices and differentiates organizational culture, philosophies, strategies, and objectives that impact compensation.



Ñ - This symbol denotes classes that are offered in an online format in addition to the classroom setting.

* - These courses may only be available on the MSU Billings Senior Campus

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Ñ BMGT 281 Risk Management, Safety and Security

[formerly HR 281 Risk Management, Safety, and Security]

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk) (F, Sp)

Introduces students to legal and record-keeping requirements affecting health and safety.  Students explore safety management activities and policies, workplace health issues, health promotion, workplace violence, and security management.


Ñ BMGT 282 Organizational Training and Development

[formerly HR 282 Organizational Training and Development]

3 cr.  (3 lec/wk)

Introduces students to the training and change management process associated with organizational development and planning.  The student will explore training needs and objectives, delivery approaches, levels of training evaluation, adult learning techniques, and coaching strategies.


BMGT 298 Internship

[formerly HR 296 Cooperative Education/Internship]

V1-9 cr.  (45 hours/credit)

Provides students with an opportunity for experimental study in the varied areas of human resource management.  Students complete a specific assignment in a pre-arranged employer setting.  Examples of assignments may include developing an Exit Interview, New Employee Orientation Program, or Training Program, auditing records, assisting with personnel files, or writing job descriptions.