Literature Courses

* LIT 110 Introduction to Literature
[formerly ENGL 160 Reading and Responding to Literature]
3 cr. (F, Sp)  Presents students with the opportunity to experience and analyze short and long fiction; narrative, dramatic and lyric poetry; stage and cinematic drama, and selected audio/visual materials.  Students will develop skills and attitudes enabling them to experience the written word and selected audio/visual media for insight and entertainment (Course not applicable to English major).

* LIT 230 World Literature Survey
[formerly ENGL 260 World Foundations of Literature]
3 cr. (F, Sp)  Surveys in translation representative works of world literature (e.g., Chinese, Indian, Russian, Latin American, European) in poetry, prose, and drama which provides a comparative basis for understanding different cultures.


Ñ - This symbol denotes classes that are offered in an online format in addition to the classroom setting.
* - These courses may only be available on the MSU Billings Senior Campus

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* LIT 240 The Bible As Literature
[formerly ENGL/PHIL 240 The Bible As Literature]
3 cr. (Sp)  Examines the Bible as a work of literary art.  Considers such topics as literary genre, plots, character development, thematic concerns, historical and cultural contexts, and style of writings that make up the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

* LIT 270 Film & Literature
[formerly ENGL 280 Fiction into Film]
3 cr. (Sp)  Focuses on modern and contemporary novels, plays or short stories which have been adapted to film.  Emphasizes written and visual literacy.

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