Course Descriptions

General Biology

* BIOB 101 Discover Biology

[formerly BIOL 101 Survey of Biology]

3 cr. (F, Sp, Su)  Includes discussion of the most important concepts in biology.  Lectures cover cells (structure and physiology), genetics (cellular reproduction, genes, the nature of heredity and evolution), and the diversity of life (plants, animals, microorganisms and their ecological relationships).  General Education course for non-science majors.


* BIOB 102 Discover Biology Laboratory

[formerly BIOL 115 Survey of Biology Lab]

1 cr. Corequisite: BIOB 101. (F, Sp, Su)  Includes laboratory exercises from different areas of Biology.  Introduces students to experiments designed to examine major conceptual ideas in Biology such as cells, cell reproduction, metabolism, molecular genetics, evolution, and diversity.  Students currently enrolled in an online section of BIOB 101 will be given preferential access to an online section of BIOB 102.



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* BIOB 160 Principles of Living Systems

[formerly BIOL 178 Principles of Biology]

3 cr. Corequisite: BIOB 161. (F, Sp)  Emphasizes principles of biology related to the unity of life.  Covers cell structure and function, cellular metabolism and mechanisms of energy trapping, cellular reproduction,
genetics, evolution, and a brief introduction to ecology, classification and biological diversity.


* BIOB 161 Principles of Living Systems Laboratory

[formerly BIOL 188 Principles of Biology Lab]

1 cr.  Corequisite: BIOB 160. (F, Sp)  Includes laboratory exercises related to topics discussed in BIOB 160.