Course Descriptions


DSGN 107 Quantity Estimating
2 cr.  (2 lec/lab/wk)  Prerequisites:  DRFT 109 or DRFT 110, and M 065 and M 114. (F)
Studies estimates, specifications and plans of residential and light commercial structures.  Estimates of excavation and backfill, structural, finish and other construction materials are prepared.


DSGN 112 Architectural Lab
5 cr.  (10 lab/wk)  Prerequisites:  DRFT 109 or DRFT 110. (F)
Prepares architectural, electrical and mechanical working drawings for residential, light commercial and commercial buildings.


DSGN 114 Civil Lab
5 cr.  (10 lab/wk)  Prerequisites:  DRFT 109 or DRFT 110. (Sp)
Land surveys, contour maps, plats, drainage and grading plans, roadway plans, utility plans, profiles and cross-sections are drawn using a standard CAD station.  GIS and GPS data is incorporated into drawings.  Field surveys are performed.


DSGN 116 GIS for Civil Applications
2 cr.  (1 lec/2 lab/wk)  Prerequisites:  DRFT 109, DRFT 110, and M 114. (Sp)
Occupationally-related problems are solved using geographic information systems (GIS) and cartographic principles integrated with computer aided design (CAD).


DSGN 148 CAD Customization
3 cr.  (2 lec/2 lab/wk)  Prerequisite:  DRFT 109 and CAPP 120. (Sp)
Familiarizes the student with the rationale and sequence for customizing a major CAD software.  The topics of discipline-oriented customization, symbol libraries, symbol library access, data creation and data exchange methods are explored and applied to the creation of a custom overlay.


DSGN 204 Advanced Software Applications
3 cr.  (2 lec/2 lab/wk)  Prerequisite:  CAPP 120. (F, Sp)
Expands the student’s base of technical expertise with discussions and lab exercises utilizing current software applications.  Licensing policies, LAN and Internet communication commands and issues, and a broad variety of current software are used to further reinforce and broaden the background of the computer user.


DSGN 208 Multimedia Technology
3 cr.  (2 lec/2 lab/wk)  Prerequisite:  CAPP 120, transfer equivalent or consent of instructor. (F, Sp)
Provides the student with an opportunity to explore hardware and software aspects of multimedia.  Students participate in a hands-on environment utilizing recordable CD media, digital cameras, scanners, image capture hardware, digital video recorders, and multimedia editing software.  Relevance and application of multimedia presentations are also covered.


DSGN 214 SolidWorks
3 cr.  (2 lec/2 lab/wk)  Prerequisite:  DRFT 108 or DRFT 109 and DRFT 110. (F, Sp)
Utilizes the SolidWorks software to produce three-dimensional models of mechanical objects and assemblies.  Topics include sketching a part feature, providing dimensions and constraints to tie the features together, converting a sketch into a solid object, and creating and editing full assemblies.  Working drawings are created from the part design, including a variety of views and dimension styles.



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DSGN 218 SDS/2 Structural Detailing
3 cr.  (2 lec/2 lab/wk)  Prerequisite:  DRFT 138. (F, Sp)
Prepares the student to use the SDS/2 structural detailing software in the professional environment.  Setup procedures, connection types, frame input, erection and detail sheet creation, and editing processes are covered.


DSGN 229 Project Development Lab
3 cr.  (6 lab/wk)  Prerequisite:  All 100-level Drafting and Design classes or permission of instructor.  Corequisites:  DSGN 230, DSGN 231. (F, Sp)
Companion lab for DSGN 230.


DSGN 230 Project Development Lecture
3 cr.  (3 lec/wk)  Prerequisite:  All 100-level Drafting and Design classes or permission of instructor.  Corequisites:  DSGN 229, DSGN 231. (F, Sp)
Provides an advanced level of CAD application interaction relating to major drafting disciplines.  An emphasis on 3D inclusion and multiple CAD software brand interaction is used to prepare drawings in the areas of mechanical, civil, and architectural commercial drafting.  A team approach is used for the development of major projects.


DSGN 231 Project Development Capstone
1 cr.  (3 lab/wk)  Prerequisite:  All 100-level Drafting and Design classes or permission of instructor.  Corequisites:  DSGN 229, DSGN 230. (F, Sp)
Prepares the student for employment through the exploration of off-campus applications in their discipline while compiling their portfolio and preparing for employment.  Students are also evaluated against program, state, and national standards through the National Occupational Certification Testing Institute (NOCTI) exam.


DSGN 248 Computer Presentation and Animation
3 cr.  (2 lec/2 lab/wk)  Prerequisite:  CAPP 120, course equivalent or consent of instructor. (F, Sp)
Excites the student through immersion into the topic of 3D computer graphics and animation.  Digital environments are explored using the 3D Studio Max software.  Interdisciplinary projects are created utilizing digital object construction, lighting, camera, kinetic and artistic techniques.  An overview of audio impact and integration is included.


DSGN 292 Seminar (crosslisted with DRFT 292)
V1-3 cr.
Provides students an opportunity to investigate intensively topics pertinent to the field of drafting technology.


DSGN 293 Workshop (crosslisted with DRFT 293)
V1-3 cr.
Provides an opportunity for experimental study in an area of drafting technology.


DSGN 296 Cooperative Education/Internship (crosslisted with DRFT 296)
V1-9 cr.  (45 hours/credit)
Provides university credit for a sophomore work experience in the area of Drafting Technology, supervised by faculty.  Learning agreement must be completed prior to registration (restricted).