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Chemistry Courses

* CHMY 121 Introduction to General Chemistry
[formerly CHEM 104 Fundamentals of General Chemistry]
3 cr. Prerequisite: M 095 or equivalent. (F, Sp, Su)  Covers the fundamental definitions of chemistry, structure, chemical equations, solutions, equilibrium, oxidation-reduction, and acid/base chemistry.  This is primarily a course for pre-nursing and allied health students.


* CHMY 122 Introduction to General Chemistry Laboratory
[formerly CHEM 105 Fundamentals of General Chemistry Lab]
1 cr. Corequisite: CHMY 121. (F, Sp, Su)  Provides laboratory experiences that complement and extend the lecture materials.



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* CHMY 141 College Chemistry I
[formerly CHEM 115 General Chemistry I]
3 cr. Prerequisite: M 095 or satisfactory math placement score. Corequisite: CHMY 142. (F, Su)  First course of the two semester sequence in general chemistry.  Introduces the student to the fundamental concepts of chemistry.  Includes atomic and molecular structure, stoichiometry, chemical bonding and the laws governing relationships of elements and compounds.  Primarily for science majors/minors, pre-engineering and allied health students.


* CHMY 142 College Chemistry Laboratory I
[formerly CHEM 118 General Chemistry I Lab]
1 cr. Corequisite: CHMY 141. (F, Su)  Lab to accompany CHMY 141.  Introduces the tools and techniques of experimental chemistry such as weighing, solution preparation, titration and standardization.