Yellowjacket Student Leadership Team - City College

The City College Student Leadership Team will play a key role in helping to develop a strong culture of student life at the City College.  Their roles and responsibilities will include:

  • Serving as a voice and representative group for City College students
  • Providing a venue for staff to gain student feedback and input
  • Providing 2-3 programs or events for City College students each semester (could be in partnership with other clubs)
  • Serving as a liaison between student clubs and organizations that are looking for opportunities to connect to the City College (Student Activities Board, Student United Way, ASMSUB, Environmental Awareness Club, etc)
  • Helping to promote student activities through hanging the campus leak on a weekly basis, setting up the weekly events board, and table tents or other venues.
  • Representing the City College on the Student Life Team (1-2 members)
  • Assisting with promoting the Annual Parent and Family Weekend to City College students and families and assisting with other campus events such as Preview Day, Career Days, etc.
  • Attending bi-monthly leadership team meetings
  • Facilitating student surveys to determine activities of interest for the students.

Leadership Team Composition

  • 10 Members: 5 first year students, 5 second year students

  • *1st year students would also connect to the Experience Leadership Project (ELP)

  • Students would represent the various City College programs

Selection Process

All students would apply to be a part of the leadership team.  Students will submit their application and a committee will review and select.


Benefits for Students

  • Stipend ($200/year - $100/semester)
  • Leadership skills and experiences
  • Connection to campus
  • Resume and Scholarship Experiences
  • Networking Opportunities

""Application Form



Kathy Kotecki
Interim Dean of Students


Steven Peterman
Interim Student Success and Student Life Coordinator - City College