Students learn the skills and knowledge essential to the growing field of chemical dependency rehabilitation.  The program examines current trends and issues in the field based on the most current information available.  The program provides for a comprehensive and integrated learning experience.  Students can use many of these classes towards the educational requirements of  Montana to become Licensed Addiction Counselor.

Plan of Study

General Education Requirements 37
Required Courses: 23
REHA 301 Principles of Counseling 3
HS/REHA 345 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues 3
REHA 201 Introduction to Diversity 3
REHA 406 Case Conceptualization 3
REHA 453 Case Management 3
HS 385 Behavioral Pharmacology in HS 3
HPE 411 Drug & Alcohol Education 3
REHA 497 Capstone 2
Total Required Course Credits for the AA Degree 60


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