2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog


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Jackets and Company
Job Locator
Journalism Course Descriptions


Kinesiology Course Descriptions


Languages Course Descriptions
Late Registration Fee
Learning Labs
Library Science Course Descriptions
Library, City College
Library/Assessment Fee
Licensure Social Science (Broadfield) Endorsement X
Linguistics Course Descriptions
Listening Fee
Literature Course Descriptions
Local Executive Board
Location and Campus


Major and Minor Requirements
Management Course Descriptions X
Mandatory Advising
Marketing Course Descriptions X
Mathematics Course Descriptions
Mathematics, Department of
  Bachelor of Science Major in Mathematics
    Teaching Licensure Option Single Subject Endorsement 
  Minor in Computer Science
  Minor in Mathematics
  Minor in Statistics
  Teaching Minor in Mathematics
Meal Plan
Media Arts Course Descriptions
Medical Administrative Assistant AAS
Medical Coding & Insurance Billing Certificate of Applied Science
Medical Coding/Insurance Billing Course Descriptions
Microbiology Course Descriptions
Mid-term Grades
Military Science Leadership Course Descriptions
Minimal Academic Progress
Minimum Course Grades
Minor in Accounting
Minor in Art
Minor in Biology
Minor in Business Administration
Minor in Business Geographic Information Systems
Minor in Chemistry
Minor in Coaching
Minor in Communication Arts Mass Communication Option
Minor in Communication Arts Organizational Communication Option
Minor in Communication Arts Theatre Option
Minor in Computer Science
Minor in Criminal Justice
Minor in Early Childhood Studies

M cont'd

Minor in Earth Science
Minor in English Program of Study Creative Writing
Minor in English Program of Study Literature
Minor in English Program of Study Writing Across the Curriculum
Minor in Environmental Studies
Minor in Finance
Minor in Geography
Minor in Health Education
Minor in History
Minor in Information Systems
Minor in International Studies
Minor in Marketing
Minor in Mathematics
Minor in Music
Minor in Native American Studies
Minor in Philosophy
Minor in Philosophy Religious Studies Option
Minor in Physics
Minor in Political Science General Emphasis
Minor in Political Science Pre-Law Emphasis
Minor in Political Science Public Administration Emphasis
Minor in Psychology
Minor in Sociology
Minor in Spanish
Minor in Statistics
Minor in Women’s Studies
Misuse of Electronic Devices
Montana Campus Compact
Montana Center for Inclusive Education
Montana State University Billings Faculty
Montana University System (MUS) Core Curriculum
Montana University System Directory
MSU Billings Accreditation
MSU Billings Alumni Association
MSU Billings Downtown
  Event Planning Assistance
  Mission Statement
  Training and Development
MSU Billings Extended Campus
MSU Billings Foundation
MSU Billings Online
  Emergency Medical Services Management Concentration
  Health Administration Concentration
  Health Career Pathways 2+2 Online Degree Completion Program
  Radiology Technology Management Concentration
MTAP Grant, Montana Higher Education Grant
Music Course Descriptions
Music Education Course Descriptions
Music Technology Course Descriptions
Music, Department of
  Bachelor of Arts Major in Music
    Performance Option
    Teaching Licensure Option
  Bachelor of Arts Major in Music Business Track
  Learning Outcomes
  Minor in Music
  Upper Divisional Juries

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