2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Emeritus Professors

Alterowitz, Dr. Harold S. Professor, Physical Education (1948-1984) and Director, Athletics (1948-1968)

Baack, Ms. Susan Instructor, General Education-English (1995-2008)

Behm, Dr. Gary Professor, Music (1979-2008)

Benedict, Dr. George A. Professor, Philosophy (1973-2004)

Bieber-Moses, Dr. Jeanette Professor, Information Resource Management (1961-1986)

Boden, Dr. Anneke-Jan Professor, Communication Arts (1964-1996)

Card, Dr. Kenneth Professor, Special Education (1964- 1981)

Christensen, Dr. Linda Professor, Special Education (1982-2008)

Coffman, Dr. Victoria Marie Tait Professor, Communication Arts (1967-2004)

Davidson, Mr. Harold L. Associate Professor, Education (1967-1982)

Dunlop, Dr. Lowell A. Professor, Elementary and Secondary Education, Dean of Students (1965-1989)

Elliott, Dr. Eugene Professor, Chemistry (1958-1981)

Evans, Dr. Maurice Professor, Mathematics (1963-1984)

Fargo, Dr. Mumatz A. Professor, History (1969-2000)

Farsio, Dr. Farzad Professor, Finance and Economics (1987-2007)

Floyd, Dr. Joseph W. Professor, Native American Studies, Political Science, and Sociology & Director, CATI Lab (1978-2007)

Friguglietti, Dr. James Professor, History (1976-2000)

Gilliland, Dr. Cleburne “Hap” Professor, Education (1960-1979)

Grant, Dr. Roland L. Associate Professor, Earth Science (1967-1996)

Gruber, Dr. Richard Professor, Education (1962-1992)

Gulick, Dr. Walter B. Professor, Philosophy, Humanities, and Religious Studies (1974-2002)

Healey, Dr. James Professor, English (1975-1999)

Heidenreich, Dr. C. Adrian Professor, Native American Studies (1977-2006)

Heidinger, Dr. Maurice Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures (1969-1990)

Heikes, Mr. Kenneth W. Administrator Emeritus (1967- 1992)

Held, Dr. McDonald Professor, Speech, Communication, and Theatre Arts (1971-1977)

Heywood, Dr. Stanley Professor, Education (1966-1987)

Hinthorne, Dr. Thomas Professor, Management (1993-2008)

Holman, Ms. Patricia Adjunct Assistant Professor, Business Administration (1993-2011)

Howard, Mr. C. Randy Professor, Accounting (1973-1996)

Howell, Dr. Joseph O.  Professor, Mathematics (1980-2008)

Iverson, Dr. Glenn Associate Professor, Physical Education (1968-1993)

Jensen, Dr. Theodore W. Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures (1974-2006)

Jussila, Mr. Neil R. Professor, Art (1969-2012)

Karnos, Dr. David D.  Professor, Philosophy (1977-2006)

Kittock, Mr. Charles E. Administrator Emeritus (1964- 1994)

Kochner, Curtis Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Emeritus

LaCounte, Dr. Marlene Professor, Education (1982-2003)

Lee, Dr. Harry F. Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (1970-1999)

Lin, Dr. Ruey-Lin Professor, Sociology (1974-2002)

McKinley, Dr. William S. Professor, Mathematics and Management (1969-1987)

McRae, Dr. Robert Professor, Physics (1958-64; 1966- 91)

Metheny, Dr. Dixie Professor, Educational Theory and Practice & Mathematics (1990-2012)

Moses, Dr. Norton H.  Professor, History (1969-2005).

Mossman, Dr. Beal Professor, Psychology (1967-1996)

Perkins, Mr. George Associate Professor, Music (1959-1988)

Pollock, Mr. John W. Professor, Art (1974-2010).

Rollins, Dr. George Professor, History (1953-1981)

Schoenthal, Dr. Norman Professor, Biological Sciences (1966-1994)

Schulz, Dr. Dennis D. Professor, Habilitative Services (1967- 1987)

Selsor, Marcia L. Professor, Art (1975-2000)

Sexton, Dr. Ronald P.  Chancellor; Professor, Educational Theory and Practice (1966-71, 1975-2010)

Sheridan, Joanne Professor, Accounting (1978-79, 1981-2002)

Smith, Dr. Kenyard E. Professor, Music (1987-1994)

Spicer, Dr. Janeth Professor, Information Systems (1972-2002)

Stannard, Dr. William Professor, Mathematics (1966- 1984)

Steele, Mr. Ben Professor, Art (1959-1982)

Utroske, Mr. Walter F.  Associate Professor, English (1966-2006)

Vezey, Mr. Joseph D. Instructor, Metal Fabrication (1974-2005)

Waltner, Dr. Richard H. Professor, Sociology (1981- 1993)

Warne, Dr. Earl K. Professor, Education (1957-1985)

Wiesner, Dr. Eugene Associate Professor, Psychology (1967-1991)

Willett, Dr. Flora Associate Professor, English (1965- 1990)

Zwick, Dr. Thomas T.  Professor, Geology (1971-2007)

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