2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Common Course Numbering Changes, cont'd

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NAMS-181 Introduction to Native America NASX-105 Intro Native American Studies
NAMS-211 Social Issues of the Native Am NASX-205 Native Americans in Contmp Soc
NAMS-292 Seminar NASX-294 Seminar/Workshop
NAMS-293 Workshop NASX-294 Seminar/Workshop
NAMS-296 Cooperative Education/Internsh NASX-298 Internship/Cooperative Educ
NAMS-300 Montana Tribal Groups NASX-332 MT Indians:Cltrs,Hist & Issues
NAMS-303 Literature of the American Ind NASX-340 Native American Literature
NAMS-314 The Indian & the Law NASX-379 Federal Indian Law
NAMS-351 Native Americans & the Environ NASX-350 Native Americans & Environment
NAMS-413 Native American Philosophies & NASX-304 Native American Beliefs & Phil
NAMS-439 Survey of American Indian Art NASX-439 American Indian Art
NAMS-490 Native American Studies Intern NASX-498 Internship/Cooperative Educ
NAMS-491 Independent Study NASX-492 Independent Study
NAMS-492 Seminar NASX-494 Seminar/Workshop
NAMS-493 Workshop NASX-494 Seminar/Workshop
NAMS-495 Federal Indian Policy NASX-419 Federal Indian Policy
NAMS-496 Cooperative Education/Internsh NASX-498 Internship/Cooperative Educ
NURS-101 Introduction to Nursing NRSG-100 Introduction to Nursing
NURS-214 Basic IV Therapy NRSG-214 Basic IV Therapy
NURS-230 Fundamentals of Nursing NRSG-130 Fundamentals of Nursing
NURS-231 Fundamentals of Nursing Lab NRSG-131 Fundamentals of Nursing Lab
NURS-232 Pharmacology NRSG-135 Nursing Pharmacology
NURS-234 Gerontology NRSG-138 Gerontology for Nursing
NURS-235 Gerontology Clinical NRSG-139 Gerontology for Nursing Clncl
NURS-240 Core Concepts of Adult Nursing NRSG-140 Core Adult Nursing
NURS-241 Core Concepts of Adult Nursing NRSG-141 Core Adult Nursing Clinical
NURS-242 Core Concepts of Maternal/Chil NRSG-142 Core Maternal/Child Nursing
NURS-243 Core Concepts of Maternal/Chil NRSG-143 Core Maternal/Chld Nrsng Clncl
NURS-244 Core Concepts of Mental Health NRSG-144 Core Mental Health Nursing
NURS-246 Leadership Issues NRSG-148 Leadership Issues
NURS-247 Leadership Issues Clinical NRSG-149 Leadership Issues Clinical
NURS-248 Transition to Registered Nursi NRSG-250 LPN to RN Transition
NURS-250 Pathophysiology NRSG-256 Pathophysiology
NURS-252 Complex Care Needs of the Mate NRSG-252 Cmplx Care Maternal/Child
NURS-253 Complex Care Needs of the Mate NRSG-253 Cmplx Care Maternal/Chld Clncl
NURS-254 Complex Care Needs of the Ment NRSG-254 Cmplx Care Mental Health
NURS-255 Complex Care Needs of the Ment NRSG-255 Cmplx Care Mental Health Clncl
NURS-260 Complex Care Needs of the Adul NRSG-262 Cmplx Care Adult
NURS-261 Complex Care Needs of the Adul NRSG-263 Cmplx Care Adult Clncl
NURS-262 Advanced Clinical Skills NRSG-265 Advanced Clinical Skills Lab
NURS-264 Managing Client Care NRSG-266 Managed Client Care
NURS-265 Managing Client Care Clinical NRSG-267 Managed Client Care Clinical
NURS-292 Seminar - Special Projects NRSG-291 Special Topics
NURS-293 Workshop NRSG-294 Seminar/Workshop
PARA-101 Transition to Paramedicine ECP-200 Transition to Paramedic Care
PARA-120 EMS Case Studies ECP-206 EMS Case Studies
PARA-130 Paramedic Fundamentals ECP-201 Paramedic Fundamentals
PARA-131 Paramedic Fundamentals Lab ECP-202 Paramedic Fundamentals Lab
PARA-132 Trauma ECP-230 Trauma
PARA-133 Pulmonary ECP-232 Pulmonary
PARA-134 Trauma/Pulmonary Lab ECP-233 Trauma/Pulmonary Lab and PHTLS
PARA-135 Hospital Internship I ECP-216 Hospital Clinical I
PARA-240 Cardiology ECP-207 Cardiology
PARA-241 Cardiology Lab & ACLS ECP-208 Cardiology Lab and ACLS
PARA-242 Medical ECP-242 Medical
PARA-243 Medical Lab ECP-243 Medical Lab
PARA-244 Special Considerations ECP-220 Special Considerations
PARA-245 OB/Neonate/Pediatrics ECP-221 OB/Neonate/Pediatrics
PARA-246 OB/Neonate/Ped Lb ECP-222 OB/Neonate/Ped Lab, NRP, PALS
PARA-247 Hospital Internship II ECP-246 Hospital Clinical II
PARA-252 Nat Registry Exam Prep ECP-250 NREMT Exam Preparation
PARA-253 Nat Registry Exam Prep Lab ECP-251 NREMT Exam Prep Lab
PARA-254 Field Internship ECP-298 Cooperative Educ/Internship
PARA-291 Special Topics ECP-291 Special Topics
PARA-294 Seminar/Workshop ECP-294 Seminar/Workshop

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