2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Common Course Numbering Changes, cont'd

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LS-125 Research in Information Age LSCI-125 Resrch in the Information Age
MATH-085 Math Fundamentals M-065 Prealgebra
MATH-101 Introductory Algebra M-090 Introductory Algebra
MATH-103 Essential Mathematics for the M-111 Technical Mathematics
MATH-104 Business Mathematics M-108 Business Mathematics
MATH-105 Alg for College Students M-095 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-106 College Algebra M-121 College Algebra
MATH-107 Precalculus M-151 Precalculus
MATH-109 Using the HP-48g M-139 Graphing Calculator Workshop
MATH-110 Mathematical Computing M-110 Mathematical Computing
MATH-112 Calculus I M-171 Calculus I
MATH-113 Calculus II M-172 Calculus II
MATH-121 Finite Mathematics M-143 Finite Mathematics
MATH-122 College Math for Technology M-114 Extended Technical Mathematics
MATH-141 Contemporary Mathematics M-105 Contemporary Mathematics
MATH-201 Fundamentals of Mathematics I M-130 Math for Elementary Teachers I
MATH-202 Fundamentals of Mathematics II M-131 Math for Elementary Teacher II
MATH-292 Seminar M-294 Seminar/Workshop
MATH-293 Workshop M-294 Seminar/Workshop
MATH-296 Cooperative Educ/Internship M-298 Internship/Cooperative Educ
MATH-301 Applied Linear Algebra M-333 Linear Algebra
MATH-302 Intermediate Differential Equa M-274 Intro Differential Equations
MATH-305 Discrete Structures I M-305 Discrete Structures I
MATH-306 Discrete Structures II M-306 Discrete Structures II
MATH-311 Geometry M-329 Modern Geometry
MATH-312 Multivariable Calculus M-273 Multivariable Calculus
MATH-320 Trends in Elem Mathematics M-302 Trends in Elem Mathematics
MATH-331 History of Mathematics M-330 History of Mathematics
MATH-341 Probability STAT-341 Intro Probability & Statistics
MATH-342 Stochastic Processes STAT-433 Stochastic Modeling
MATH-371 Numerical Computing M-371 Numerical Computing
MATH-372 Scientific Computing M-372 Scientific Computing
MATH-390 Peer Tutoring M-397 Educ Methods: Peer Tutoring
MATH-412 Mathematical Analysis I M-471 Mathematical Analysis
MATH-413 Mathematical Analysis II M-472 Intro to Complex Analysis
MATH-421 Algebraic Structures M-431 Abstract Algebra I
MATH-491 Independent Study M-492 Independent Study
MATH-492 Seminar M-494 Seminar/Workshop
MATH-493 Workshop M-494 Seminar/Workshop
MATH-496 Cooperative Educ/Internship M-498 Internship/Cooperative Educ
MATH-498 Capstone Seminar M-499 Senior Thesis/Capstone
METL-111 Welding Technology, Theory and WLDG-124 Welding Theory Tech & Safety
METL-112 Blueprint Reading and Welding WLDG-117 Blueprint Rd & Weld Symbols
METL-113 Cutting and Shielded Metal Arc WLDG-125 Cut/Shielded Mtl Arc Weld Lab
METL-114 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Lab WLDG-126 Shielded Metal Arc Welding Lab
METL-151 Layout and Pattern Making Fund WLDG-152 Layout Pattern Making
METL-152 Metal Fabrication Basics WLDG-153 Metal Fabrication Basics
METL-153 Metal Fabrication Lab WLDG-154 Metal Fabrication Basics Lab
METL-154 Semi-Automatic Welding WLDG-156 Semi-Automatic Welding
METL-155 Semi-Automatic and SMAW Lab WLDG-157 Semi-Automatic & SMAW Lab
METL-211 Pipe Welding and Layout WLDG-212 Pipe Welding & Layout
METL-212 Pipe Welding Lab I WLDG-213 Pipe Welding I Lab
METL-213 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding WLDG-215 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
METL-214 Advanced Weld Technology and T WLDG-205 Applied Metallurgy
METL-251 Specialty Welding Processes WLDG-251 Specialty Weld Processes
METL-252 CNC Processes for Metal Fabric WLDG-255 CNC Burn Table Prog & Oprtn
METL-253 Weld Testing and Certification WLDG-280 Weld Testing Certification
METL-254 Weld Testing and Certification WLDG-281 Weld Testing Certification Lab
METL-292 Seminar WLDG-294 Seminar/Workshop
METL-293 Workshop WLDG-294 Seminar/Workshop
METL-296 Cooperative Education/Internsh WLDG-298 Internship/Cooperative Educ
MGMT-321 Principles of Management BMGT-335 Management & Organization
MGMT-322 Operations Management BMGT-322 Operations Management
MGMT-353 Organizational Behavior BMGT-353 Organizational Behavior
MGMT-422 Project Management BMGT-422 Project Management
MGMT-438 Small Business Management & En BMGT-461 Small Business Management
MGMT-439 Entrepreneurship BMGT-448 Entrepreneurship
MGMT-452 Human Resource Management BMGT-329 Human Resource Management
MGMT-456 International Business BGEN-360 International Business
MGMT-488 Business Strategy BMGT-499 Capstone: Business Strategy
MGMT-491 Independent Study BMGT-492 Independent Study
MGMT-492 Seminar BMGT-494 Seminar/Workshop

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