2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Common Course Numbering Changes, cont'd

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HADM-482 Women, Media & Health COMX-482 Women, Media, and Society
HADM-490 Internship HADM-498 Cooperative Educ/Internship
HADM-491 Independent Study HADM-492 Independent Study
HADM-492 Seminar HADM-494 Seminar/Workshop
HADM-496 Cooperative Educ/Internship HADM-498 Cooperative Educ/Internship
HADM-497 Capstone HADM-499 Senior Thesis/Capstone
HHP-100 Foundations of Exercise Sci KIN-105 Fnd of Exercise Science
HHP-101 Health Sciences HTH-110 Personal Health and Wellness
HHP-102 Fndtns of Exercise Science Lab KIN-106 Fndtns of Exercise Science Lab
HHP-103 Archery, Beg/Interm ACT-287 Archery
HHP-105 Basketball, Beginning ACT-140 Beginning Basketball
HHP-108 Badminton, Beginning ACT-153 Beginning Badminton
HHP-111 Bowling ACT-104 Beginning Bowling
HHP-114 Racquetball ACT-109 Beginning Racquetball
HHP-123 Dance, Folk DANC-158 Folk Dance
HHP-124 Dance, Square DANC-155 Square Dance
HHP-125 Golf ACT-146 Beginning Golf
HHP-126 Apparatus ACT-142 Beginning Gymnastics
HHP-131 Cross Country Skiing ACT-119 Beginning Nordic Skiing
HHP-132 Skiing, Beginning Downhill ACT-120 Beginning Alpine Skiing
HHP-133 Skiing, Intermediate Downhill ACT-220 Intermediate Alpine Skiing
HHP-134 Beginning Snowboarding ACT-121 Beginning Snowboarding
HHP-135 Dance, Ballroom DANC-156 Ballroom Dance
HHP-136 Snowshoeing ACT-124 Snowshoeing
HHP-138 Telemark Skiing ACT-123 Beginning Telemark Skiing
HHP-140 Beg Swim/Aquatics I ACT-170 Beginning Swimming
HHP-141 Interm Swim/Aquatics II ACT-270 Intermediate Swimming
HHP-142 Lifeguard Training: Basic ECP-103 Basic Lifeguard Training
HHP-143 Water Safety Instructor ECP-111 Water Safety Instructor
HHP-144 Lifeguarding Instructor/Head ECP-112 Lifeguarding Instructor
HHP-145 Swim Fitness/Aquatic Exercise ACT-271 Swimming for Fitness
HHP-146 Tennis, Beginning ACT-169 Beginning Tennis
HHP-147 Tennis, Intermediate ACT-269 Intermediate Tennis
HHP-153 Tumbling ACT-141 Beginning Tumbling
HHP-154 Volleyball ACT-180 Beginning Volleyball
HHP-174 Personal Fitness KIN-202 Personal Fitness
HHP-176 Softball ACT-113 Beginning Softball
HHP-180 Judo ACT-155 Beginning Judo
HHP-181 Basic Navigation/Orienteering REC-181 Basic Navigation/Orienteering
HHP-182 Advanced Navigation REC-182 Advanced Navigation
HHP-183 Environment/Leave No Trace REC-110 Environment/Leave No Trace
HHP-184 Hiking/Backpacking REC-120 Hiking/Backpacking
HHP-185 Winter Survival Skills REC-185 Winter Survival Skills
HHP-186 Strength Training ACT-110 Beginning Weight Training
HHP-187 Mountain Biking REC-140 Mountain Biking
HHP-188 Yoga ACT-150 Beginning Yoga
HHP-189 Basic Survival in the Outdoors REC-187 Basic Survival in the Outdoors
HHP-190 Rappelling/Belaying REC-155 Rappelling/Belaying
HHP-191 Low Element Challenges REC-150 Low Element Challenges
HHP-192 Caving/Spelunking REC-158 Caving/Spelunking
HHP-193 Canoeing ACT-178 Canoeing
HHP-195 Kayaking ACT-275 Kayaking
HHP-197 Scuba Diving/Snorkeling ACT-274 Scuba Diving
HHP-198 Rafting ACT-277 Rafting
HHP-199 Avalanche Awareness and Safety REC-189 Avalanche Awareness & Safety
HHP-200 Outdoor Adventure Leadership REC-200 Fnd Outdoor Advent Leadershp
HHP-201 Core Concepts in Health HTH-101 Opport in Health Professions
HHP-201 Core Concepts in Health HTH-201 Health Issues for Educators
HHP-210 First Aid and CPR ECP-100 First Aid & CPR
HHP-211 Community Health CHTH-262 Community Health
HHP-214 Outdoor Recreation in the US REC-214 Outdoor Recreations in the US
HHP-230 Wilderness First Responder ECP-122 Wilderness First Responder
HHP-240 Coaching Volleyball COA-240 Coaching Volleyball
HHP-241 Coaching Football COA-242 Coaching Football
HHP-242 Coaching Basketball COA-245 Coaching Basketball
HHP-244 Coaching Track and Field COA-256 Coaching Track/Field
HHP-245 Coaching Soccer COA-248 Coaching Soccer
HHP-246 Coaching Gymnastics COA-260 Coaching Gymnastics
HHP-247 Coaching Softball/Baseball COA-246 Coaching Softball/Baseball
HHP-248 Coaching (Current Sport) COA-291 Special Topics
HHP-249 Foundations of Coaching COA-205 Introduction to Coaching
HHP-260 Found & Scientific Fund in HHP KIN-205 Foundations in HHP
HHP-265 Foundations of Hlth Promotion CHTH-355 Theory Pract Comm Hlth Ed
HHP-270 Global Health Issues HTH-270 Global Health Issues
HHP-280 Challenge Course Fundamentals REC-280 Challenge Course Fundamentals
HHP-290 Internship/Practicum ACT-298 Cooperative Educ/Internship
HHP-292 Seminar ACT-294 Seminar/Workshop
HHP-293 Workshop ACT-294 Seminar/Workshop
HHP-300 Motor Learning and Control KIN-330 Motor Learning and Control
HHP-301 Motor Learning and Control Lab KIN-331 Motor Learning and Control Lab
HHP-310 Adventure Leadership REC-310 Adventure Leadership
HHP-314 Health Enhancement K-8 EDU-397K Methods: K-8 Health Enhncmnt
HHP-320 Current Issues in Health HTH-391 Special Topics
HHP-330 Health Behavior Theories CHTH-317 Health Behavior Theories
HHP-335 Methods of Health Promotion CHTH-355 Theory Pract Comm Hlth Ed
HHP-340 Health Education Strategies HEE-340 Methods of Health Education
HHP-344 PE Techniques I HEE-303 Methods Lifetime Fit Act
HHP-346 PE Techniques II HEE-305 Methods of Teaching Mvmt Expl
HHP-348 PE Techniques III HEE-306 Methods of Cond Act
HHP-350 Outdoor Advntr Aging Popltn REC-350 Outdr Adv Ldshp for Aging Pop
HHP-362 Basic Athletic Training AHAT-210 Prev & Care Athletic Injuries
HHP-364 Research Methods in Health and KIN-364 Rsrch Meths in Hlth Hmn Prfrm
HHP-365 Special Populations in HPE HEE-310 Methods of Adapted HE
HHP-370 Methods of Phys Educ K-12 HEE-308 Methods of Phys Ed K12
HHP-380 Coaching Practicum COA-395 Practicum: Coaching
HHP-381 Adventure Coun & Leadership REC-381 Leadership & Group Dynamics
HHP-390 Junior Field Experience ACT-395 Field Work
HHP-405 Outdoor & Camping Educ REC-405 Outdoor and Camping Education
HHP-410 Psychology of Coaching COA-409 Psychology of Coaching
HHP-411 Alcohol,Tobacco & Drug Prvntn HTH-411 Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug Prevent
HHP-412 Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Dru HTH-412 Drugs and Alcohol
HHP-425 Health and Sexuality HTH-425 Health and Sexuality
HHP-430 Exercise Physiology KIN-320 Exercise Physiology
HHP-431 Exercise Physiology Lab KIN-321 Exercise Physiology Lab
HHP-432 Nutrition in Health and Human NUTR-411 Nutrition for Sprts & Exercise
HHP-433 Hgh Lvl Wllnss Thrgh Dcsn Mkng CHTH-410 High Level Wellness
HHP-436 Stress Mgmt & Emotional Hlth CHTH-435 Human Response To Stress
HHP-445 Exercise Test & Prescription KIN-415 Adv Exercise Test & Prescrip
HHP-450 Worksite Health Promotion CHTH-450 Worksite Health Promotion
HHP-461 Org & Admin in Hlth Enhncmnt HEE-410 Org and Admin in Sport Fitness
HHP-462 Advanced Athletic Training AHAT-469 Advanced Athletic Training
HHP-462 Advanced Athletic Training KIN-462 Evidence Based Assessment
HHP-463 Kinesiology & Biomechanics KIN-327 Kinesiology & Biomechanics
HHP-464 Kinesiology & Biomechanics Lab KIN-328 Kinesiology & Biomechanics Lab
HHP-465 Legal Aspects of Sport COA-406 Legal Aspects of Sport
HHP-466 Ethcl/Lgl Aspcts Advtr Ldrshp REC-466 Ethcl Asp in Outdoor Leadershp
HHP-480 Advanced Challenge Skills REC-480 Challenge Course Skills/Fac
HHP-482 Women, Media & Health COMX-482 Women, Media, and Society
HHP-490 Internship/Practicum ACT-498 Cooperative Educ/Internship
HHP-491 Independent Study ACT-492 Independent Study
HHP-492 Seminar ACT-494 Seminar/Workshop
HHP-493 Workshop ACT-494 Seminar/Workshop
HHP-494 Clinic ACT-495 Clinic
HHP-499 Senior Thesis ACT-499 Senior Thesis/Capstone

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