2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Coommon Course Numbering Changes, cont'd

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BUS-101 Introduction to Business BGEN-105A Introduction to Business
BUS-205 Business Law I BGEN-235 Business Law
BUS-285 Experiential Learning BGEN-298 Internship
BUS-292 Seminar BGEN-294 Seminar
BUS-315 Applied Business Decisions BGEN-315 Applied Business Decisions
BUS-347 Integrated Business Cases and BGEN-347 Integ Bus Cases & Simulation
BUS-405 Business Law II BGEN-405 Laws, Regulations & Research
BUS-440 Business and the Environment BGEN-440 Business and the Environment
BUS-450 Business and Society BGEN-450 Business and Society
BUS-485 Capstone BGEN-499 Capstone
BUS-490 Internship BGEN-498 Internship
BUS-492 Seminar BGEN-494 Seminar
CARP-120 Carpentry Basics and Rough-in CSTN-120 Carpentry Bscs & Rough-In Frmg
CARP-130 Exterior Finishing, Stair Cons CSTN-145 Ext Finish, Stair, & Metal SF
CARP-140 Introduction to Site Layout CSTN-171 Ste Prp, Fndtns, Cncrt Instltn
CARP-150 Beginning Carpentry Practicum CSTN-160 Constructn Cncpts & Bldg Lab
CARP-152 Intermediate Carpentry Practic CSTN-161 Constructn Cncpts & Bldg Lb II
CARP-220 Interior Finishing CSTN-220 Interior Finishing
CARP-230 Advanced Roof, Floor, Wall, an CSTN-230 Adv Rf, Flr, Wll, Stair Systms
CARP-250 Advanced Carpentry Practicum CSTN-260 Constrctn Cncpts & Bldg Lb III
CARP-252 Capstone Carpentry Practicum CSTN-299 Capstone: Carpentry
CHEM-104 Fund of Gen & Org Chem CHMY-121 Intro to General Chemistry
CHEM-105 Fund of Gen & Org Chem Lab CHMY-122 Intro to Gen Chem Lab
CHEM-106 Fund of Org & Biochemistry CHMY-123 Intro to Organic & Biochem
CHEM-115 General Chemistry I CHMY-141 College Chemistry I
CHEM-116 General Chemistry II CHMY-143 College Chemistry II
CHEM-118 General Chemistry I Lab CHMY-142 College Chemistry I Lab
CHEM-119 General Chemistry II Lab CHMY-144 College Chemistry II Lab
CHEM-220 Principles of Organic Chem CHMY-211 Elements of Organic Chemistry
CHEM-221 Principles of Organic Chem Lab CHMY-212 Elements of Organic Chem Lab
CHEM-291 Independent Study CHMY-292 Independent Study
CHEM-296 Cooperative Education/Internsh CHMY-298 Internship/Cooperative Educ
CHEM-310 Scientific Literature CHMY-310 Scientific Literature
CHEM-320 Quantitative Chem Analysis CHMY-311 Analytical Chem-Quant Analysis
CHEM-325 Quantitative Chem Analysis Lab CHMY-312 Analyticl Chm Lab-Quant Anlsys
CHEM-330 Organic Chemistry I CHMY-321 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM-331 Organic Chemistry I Lab CHMY-322 Organic Chemistry Lab I
CHEM-334 Organic Chemistry II CHMY-323 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM-335 Organic Chemistry II Lab CHMY-324 Organic Chemistry Lab II
CHEM-340 Physical Chemistry I CHMY-371 Phys Chem-Qntm Chm & Spctrscpy
CHEM-341 Physical Chemistry I Lab CHMY-372 Physical Chemistry Lab I
CHEM-344 Physical Chemistry II CHMY-373 Phys Chem-Kntcs & Thrmdynmcs
CHEM-345 Physical Chemistry II Lab CHMY-374 Physical Chemistry Lab II
CHEM-355 Adv Inorganic Chem CHMY-401 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM-356 Adv Inorganic Chem Lab CHMY-402 Advanced Inorganic Chem Lab
CHEM-361 Biochemistry BCH-380 Biochemistry
CHEM-371 Biochemistry Lab BCH-381 Biochemistry Lab
CHEM-420 Instrumental Analysis CHMY-421 Advanced Instrument Analysis
CHEM-421 Instrumental Analysis Lab CHMY-422 Adv Instrument Analysis Lab
CHEM-430 Adv Organic Chemistry CHMY-411 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM-431 Adv Organic Chemistry Lab CHMY-412 Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM-463 Advanced Biochemistry I BCH-480 Advanced Biochemistry I
CHEM-473 Advanced Biochemistry Lab BCH-481 Advanced Biochemistry I Lab
CHEM-475 Senior Seminar CHMY-494 Seminar/Workshop
CHEM-490 Internship CHMY-498 Internship/Cooperative Educ
CHEM-491 Independent Study CHMY-492 Independent Study
CHEM-492 Seminar CHMY-494 Seminar/Workshop
CHEM-498 Honors Thesis CHMY-499 Senior Thesis/Capstone
CHEM-499 Chemical Research CHMY-490 Undergraduate Research
CMP-105 Intro Computers & Applications CAPP-120 Introduction to Computers
CMP-118 Word CAPP-154 MS Word
CMP-119 Excel CAPP-156 MS Excel
CMP-121 Intro to Microsoft Outlook CAPP-110 Short Courses: MS Outlook
CMP-122 Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint CAPP-153 MS PowerPoint
CMP-235 Advanced Web Design and Develo CSCI-210 Web Programming
CMP-262 Microsoft Access CAPP-158 MS Access
CMP-292 Seminar CAPP-291 Special Topics
CMP-292 Seminar ITS-294 Seminar/Workshop
CODE-110 CPT-4 Procedure Coding AHMS-160 Beginning Procedural Coding
CODE-120 ICD-9 Diagnosis Coding AHMS-162 Beginning Diagnosis Coding
CODE-140 Computerized Medical Billing AHMS-252 Computerized Medical Billing
CODE-150 Advanced Coding and Auditing AHMS-250 Advanced Medical Coding

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