2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Coommon Course Numbering Changes, cont'd

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AUTO-110 Manual Drive Train & Axles AST-106 Auto Manual Drive Train/Axles
AUTO-111 Manual Drive Train & Axles Lab AST-107 Auto Man Drive Train/Axles Lab
AUTO-160 Automotive Brake Systems AST-114 Automotive Brakes
AUTO-161 Automotive Brake Systems Lab AST-115 Automotive Brakes Lab
AUTO-172 Engine Rebuild AST-175 Engine Rebuild Lab
AUTO-182 Diagnosis and Tune-Up AST-162 Automotive Engine Diagnostics
AUTO-183 Auto Diagnosis & Tune-Up Lab AST-163 Auto Engine Diagnostics Lab
AUTO-202 ASE Exam Preparation AST-285 ASE Exam Prep: Section One
AUTO-210 Suspension & Steering Systems AST-220 Auto Steering and Suspension
AUTO-211 Suspension & Steering Lab AST-221 Auto Steering/Suspension Lab
AUTO-220 Auto Elctrcl/Elctrnc Systems AST-230 Elec/Elctrncs Sys II
AUTO-221 Elctrcl/Elctrnc Systems Lab AST-231 Elec/Elctrncs Sys II Lab
AUTO-222 Auto Engine Performance AST-260 Advanced Auto Diagnostics
AUTO-223 Auto Engine Performance Lab AST-261 Advanced Auto Diagnostics Lab
AUTO-255 Appl Auto Service Operations AST-280 Applied Lab Exp/Light Repair
AUTO-256 Automatic Trans/Transaxles AST-270 Auto Transmissions/Transaxles
AUTO-257 Automatic Trans/Transaxles Lab AST-271 Auto Transmissns/Transxls Lab
AUTO-292 Seminar AST-294 Seminar/Workshop
AUTO-293 Workshop AST-294 Seminar/Workshop
AUTO-296 Cooperative Educ/Internship AST-298 Cooperative Educ/Internship
BIOL-101 Survey of Biology BIOB-101 Discover Biology
BIOL-104 Nutrition for Health Careers NUTR-121 Clinical Human Nutrition
BIOL-115 Survey of Biology Lab BIOB-102 Discover Biology Lab
BIOL-178 Principles of Biology BIOB-160 Principles of Living Systems
BIOL-179 Biodiversity BIOB-170 Principles of Bio Diversity
BIOL-188 Principles of Biology Lab BIOB-161 Principles Living Systems Lab
BIOL-189 Biodiversity Lab BIOB-171 Principles Bio Diversity Lab
BIOL-202 Introduction to Environmental BIOE-202 Intro to Environmental Ecology
BIOL-213 Human Anatomy and Physiology I BIOH-201 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL-214 Human Anatomy and Physiology I BIOH-202 Human Anatomy & Phys I Lab
BIOL-216 Human Anatomy and Physiology I BIOH-211 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL-217 Human Anatomy and Physiology I BIOH-212 Human Anatomy & Phys II Lab
BIOL-221 Human Nutrition NUTR-221 Basic Human Nutrition
BIOL-251 Microbiology for the Health Sc BIOM-250 Microbiology for Hlth Sciences
BIOL-253 Human Genetics BIOB-180 Human Genetics
BIOL-261 Microbiology for the Health Sc BIOM-251 Microbiology Hlth Sciences Lab
BIOL-263 Introduction to Cell Biology BIOB-260 Cellular & Molecular Biology
BIOL-273 Introduction to Cell Biology L BIOB-261 Cellular & Molecular Biol Lab
BIOL-292 Sophomore Seminar BIOB-294 Seminar/Workshop
BIOL-296 Cooperative Education/Internsh BIOB-298 Internship/Cooperative Educ
BIOL-315 Plant Systematics BIOO-435 Plant Systematics
BIOL-320 Animal Development BIOB-315 Animal Development
BIOL-325 Plant Systematics Lab BIOO-436 Plant Systematics Lab
BIOL-330 Plant Development BIOO-437 Plant Development
BIOL-331 Plant Development Lab BIOO-438 Plant Development Lab
BIOL-340 General Microbiology BIOM-360 General Microbiology
BIOL-341 Human Anatomy and Physiology I BIOH-301 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL-343 Human Anatomy and Physiology I BIOH-302 Human Anatomy & Phys I Lab
BIOL-345 Human Anatomy and Physiology I BIOH-311 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL-346 Human Anatomy and Physiology I BIOH-312 Human Anatomy & Phys II Lab
BIOL-350 General Microbiology Lab BIOM-361 General Microbiology Lab
BIOL-353 Genetics BIOB-375 General Genetics
BIOL-354 Genetics Lab BIOB-376 General Genetics Lab
BIOL-355 Ecology and Evolution BIOE-370 General Ecology
BIOL-356 Ecology and Evolution Lab BIOE-371 General Ecology Lab
BIOL-361 Biochemistry BCH-380 Biochemistry
BIOL-363 Molecular Biology BIOB-425 Adv Cell & Molecular Biology
BIOL-371 Biochemistry Lab BCH-381 Biochemistry Lab
BIOL-373 Molecular Biology Lab BIOB-426 Adv Cell & Molecular Biol Lab
BIOL-420 Morphology and Anatomy of Vasc BIOO-422 Morpholgy Anat Vascular Plnts
BIOL-421 Morphology and Anatomy of Vasc BIOO-423 Morpholgy Anat Vsclr Plnts Lab
BIOL-424 Animal Physiology BIOO-412 Animal Physiology
BIOL-425 Hematology BIOH-405 Hematology
BIOL-426 Hematology Lab BIOH-406 Hematology Lab
BIOL-427 Parasitology BIOM-427 General Parasitology
BIOL-435 Summer Clinical Lab BIOH-470 Summer Clinical Lab
BIOL-436 Professional Training I BIOH-471 Professional Training I
BIOL-437 Professional Training II BIOH-472 Professional Training II
BIOL-443 Immunology BIOB-410 Immunology
BIOL-452 Medical Microbiology BIOM-400 Medical Microbiology
BIOL-456 Advanced Evolution and Ecology BIOE-483 Evolution & Ecology
BIOL-457 Advanced Evolution and Ecology BIOE-484 Evolution & Ecology Lab
BIOL-458 Vertebrate Zoology BIOO-450 Vertebrate Zoology
BIOL-460 Vertebrate Zoology Lab BIOO-451 Vertebrate Zoology Lab
BIOL-462 Medical Microbiology Lab BIOM-401 Medical Microbiology Lab
BIOL-463 Advanced Biochemistry BCH-480 Advanced Biochemistry I
BIOL-465 Plant Physiology BIOO-433 Plant Physiology
BIOL-473 Advanced Biochemistry Lab BCH-481 Advanced Biochemistry I Lab
BIOL-475 Plant Physiology Lab BIOO-434 Plant Physiology Lab
BIOL-480 Topics in Human Biology BIOH-491 Special Topics: Human Biology
BIOL-485 Bioinformatics BIOB-487 Bioinformatics
BIOL-490 Biology Internship BIOB-498 Internship/Cooperative Educ
BIOL-491 Independent Study BIOB-492 Independent Study
BIOL-492 Seminar BIOB-494 Seminar/Workshop
BIOL-493 Workshop BIOB-494 Seminar/Workshop
BIOL-495 Biological Research BIOB-490 Undergraduate Research
BIOL-496 Cooperative Education/Internsh BIOB-498 Internship/Cooperative Educ
BIOL-497 Field Study BIOB-495 Fieldwork
BIOL-498 Capstone Seminar BIOB-499 Senior Thesis/Capstone
BIOL-499 Honors Thesis BIOB-499 Senior Thesis/Capstone

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