2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Common Course Numbering Changes

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The Common Course Numbering process is ongoing.  Please see our course number equivalency tool in the class schedule under “my info” login.





A&SC-436 History of Women in Art ARTH-436 The History of Women in Art
ACCT-233 Principles of Accounting I ACTG-201 Principles of Fin Acct
ACCT-234 Principles of Accounting II ACTG-202 Principles of Managerial Acct
ACCT-292 Seminar ACTG-294 Seminar/Workshop
ACCT-301 Intermediate Accounting I ACTG-301 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT-302 Intermediate Accounting II ACTG-302 Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT-303 Intermediate Acct III & Theory ACTG-303 Intermediate Acct III & Theory
ACCT-342 Gov & Not-for-Profit Acct ACTG-415 Gvnt & Not-for-Profit Acct I
ACCT-343 Cost Accounting ACTG-410 Cost/Mgmt Acct I
ACCT-421 Accounting Systems & Controls ACTG-321 Acct Information Systems I
ACCT-428 Auditing & Assurance Services ACTG-411 Auditing I
ACCT-429 Adv Auditing Assurance Serv ACTG-412 Auditing II
ACCT-433 Income Tax ACTG-401 Principles of Fed Tax - Ind
ACCT-434 Advanced Income Tax ACTG-402 Advanced Income Tax
ACCT-438 Advanced Accounting ACTG-436 Advanced Accounting
ACCT-490 Internship ACTG-498 Internship/Cooperative Educ
ACCT-491 Independent Study ACTG-492 Independent Study
ACCT-492 Seminar ACTG-491 Special Topics
ACCT-493 Workshop ACTG-494 Seminar/Workshop
ART-101 Fundamentals of Art for Elemen ARTZ-102 Fund of Art for Elem Teachers
ART-110 Introduction to Studio Art for ARTZ-101 Art Fundamentals
ART-131 Global Visual Culture ARTH-160 Global Visual Culture
ART-132 Art History Survey ARTH-150 Introduction to Art History
ART-142 Introduction to Pottery ARTZ-131 Ceramics for Non-Art Majors
ART-151 Two-Dimensional Design ARTZ-106 Visual Language-2-D Fndtns
ART-152 Three-Dimensional Design ARTZ-108 Visual Language-3-D Fndtns
ART-161 Introduction to Drawing ARTZ-105 Visual Language-Drawing
ART-211 Introduction to Photography ARTZ-284 Photo I-Techniques & Processes
ART-215 Introduction to Printmaking ARTZ-271 Printmaking I
ART-217 Introduction to Lithography ARTZ-273 Printmaking I-Lithography
ART-242 Introduction to Ceramics ARTZ-231 Ceramics I
ART-258 New Media I ARTZ-258 New Media I
ART-261 Figure Drawing ARTZ-211 Drawing I
ART-271 Introduction to Watercolor ARTZ-224 Watercolor I
ART-272 Introduction to Painting ARTZ-221 Painting I
ART-281 Introduction to Sculpture ARTZ-251 Sculpture I
ART-291 Independent Study ARTZ-292 Independent Study
ART-292 Seminar ARTZ-294 Seminar/Workshop
ART-293 Workshop ARTZ-294 Seminar/Workshop
ART-296 Cooperative Education/Internsh ARTZ-298 Internship/Cooperative Educ
ART-311 Intermediate Photography ARTZ-384 Photo II-Thry,Crtcsm,Practice
ART-315 Intermediate Printmaking ARTZ-371 Printmaking II
ART-317 Intermediate Lithography ARTZ-372 Printmaking II-Lithography
ART-331 Renaissance & Baroque Art ARTH-321 Renaissance & Baroque Art
ART-332 Modern Art ARTH-342 Modern Art
ART-342 Intermediate Ceramics ARTZ-331 Ceramics II
ART-352 Visual Theory & Criticism ARTH-352 Visual Theory & Criticism
ART-358 New Media II ARTZ-358 New Media II
ART-361 Intermediate Drawing ARTZ-311 Drawing II
ART-371 Intermediate Watercolor ARTZ-324 Watercolor II
ART-372 Intermediate Painting ARTZ-321 Painting II
ART-381 Intermediate Sculpture ARTZ-351 Sculpture II
ART-399 Careers in Art ARTZ-400 Careers in Art
ART-411 Advanced Photography ARTZ-486 Advanced Research-Photography
ART-415 Advanced Printmaking ARTZ-470 Advanced Research-Printmaking
ART-417 Advanced Lithography ARTZ-474 Advanced Research-Lithography
ART-434 Art and the Environment ARTH-455 Art & the Environment
ART-435 Art of the United States ARTH-435 Art of the United States
ART-436 History of Women in Art ARTH-436 The History of Women in Art
ART-437 Contemporary Art ARTH-451 Contemporary Art
ART-439 Survey of American Indian Art ARTH-439 American Indian Art
ART-442 Advanced Ceramics ARTZ-430 Advanced Research-Ceramics
ART-458 New Media III ARTZ-458 New Media III
ART-461 Advanced Drawing ARTZ-410 Advanced Research-Drawing
ART-471 Advanced Watercolor ARTZ-424 Advanced Research-Watercolor
ART-472 Advanced Painting ARTZ-420 Advanced Research-Painting
ART-481 Advanced Sculpture ARTZ-451 Advanced Research-Sculpture
ART-490 Practicum in Art ARTZ-495 Practicum in Art
ART-490 Practicum in Art ARTH-495 Practicum in Art
ART-491 Independent Study ARTZ-492 Independent Study
ART-491 Independent Study ARTH-492 Independent Study
ART-492 Seminar ARTH-494 Seminar/Workshop
ART-492 Seminar ARTZ-494 Seminar/Workshop
ART-496 Cooperative Education/Internsh ARTH-498 Internship/Cooperative Educ
ART-496 Cooperative Education/Internsh ARTZ-498 Internship/Cooperative Educ
ART-498 Resume & Artist Statement ARTZ-409 Advncd Professional Practices
ART-499 Senior Show, Portfolio and Rev ARTZ-499 Senior Project/Capstone

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