2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

The Department of Business Administration

Dr. Debra Johnson, Chairperson
McD 253, (406) 657-1606

The Department of Business Administration consists of the following options:  Accounting (available onsite and entirely online), Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing and an online option in General Business (including a track in Fire Science).

Director of Student Services:  Mr. Michael Campbell

Professors:  Brown, Campbell, A. Heiat, N. Heiat, McNally, Sah
Associate Professors:  Harris, Johnson, Larsen, Leonard, Otjen
Assistant Professors:  Boumediene, Hill, Mori, Robertson, Wang
Adjunct Faculty:  Amundson, Dockery, Fazel, Gurney
Instructor:  Borer
Emeritus:  Bieber-Moses, Farsio, Hinthorne, Holman, Howard, Sheridan, Spicer

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with options in:


Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Information Systems, and Marketing.

Teaching Minor:  Economics

Accounting Option

Accounting is a system for measuring, processing, and communicating information useful in making economic decisions.  Accounting, in different forms, has existed for many years, but significant changes have occurred in the past several decades and have created greater information needs for managers.  In keeping pace with these changes and increased demands for information, the need for accountants has increased in recent years, thus resulting in excellent opportunities for graduates.

The MSU Billings accounting program prepares students to sit for and pass the Certified Public Accountant Examination (CPA Exam).  Requirements to sit for the CPA Exam in Montana include successful completion of 24 credits of upper division accounting courses and 24 credits of other business courses, e.g., courses in management, marketing, finance, management information systems, economics, communications and ethics.  After passing the CPA Exam individuals must meet an experience requirement, possess a bachelor’s degree and have earned at least 150 semester credits of college courses in order to be licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in Montana.  The additional 30 credits beyond the 120 credits required for a bachelor’s degree may be in any area.  Transfer students and students who have changed majors often have 150 credits by the time they complete their accounting and other business courses.  Due to potential changes in laws and regulations regarding licensing as a CPA, students should be sure to consult with their accounting advisor or any accounting faculty member in planning their course schedules.

Starting with 2011-2012 academic year, all accounting courses are offered online.  This will allow students to complete the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with an Option in Accounting by taking all courses online if they wish.  For the past ten years, many business core courses and many accounting courses have been offered online, and online students have performed well in these courses.  We are excited to offer this online opportunity for our accounting students.

Finance Option

The Finance Option is designed to give students an understanding of the financial markets and their relation to banking and investments as well as to acquaint students with the concepts and methods relevant to financial analysis and management.  Employment opportunities include careers in corporate financial management, financial institution management, or investment portfolio management.

Information Systems Option

This program is currently on moratorium and no new students will be admitted.

Management Option

The Management Option is designed for students seeking management careers in a variety of both public and private organizations.  The curriculum focuses on the development and application of analytical and ethical decision-making skills in solving practical problems.

The program emphasizes integration of a broad set of skills and abilities.  Students in management receive a well-rounded exposure to accounting, business law, economics, finance, marketing, and computer applications.  Management students are also taught management-specific topics relating to issues such as the structural design of organizations, the creation of a competitive business strategy, project management, the effect of human relation factors on organizational performance, and effective performance measurement and control.  Students also are given opportunities to study and practice leadership, motivation, and team building and to become skilled writers and speakers through various classroom activities and projects.

Current job opportunities are broad, with graduates finding employment in private firms, nonprofit organizations, and government.  Some students start their own businesses, while others gain employment in small entrepreneurial firms, mid-size companies, and large corporations.

Marketing Option

The Marketing Option prepares students to succeed in an integrated business environment with a focus on meeting the needs of the customer.  Marketing option graduates are prepared for a position such as marketing manager, sales manager, account manager, marketing representative, professional salesperson, or advertising staff.  Students completing this option will understand strategic marketing planning, the marketing mix, market research fundamentals, customer relationship management, and the financial implications of marketing within firms.  The integrated sequence of courses enables students to obtain a broad education in marketing decision-making.

Online General Business Option

The Online General Business Option is designed for students who wish to complete a degree in business in a totally online environment.  All courses required for this degree are offered in an online format.  Students completing this option receive a well-rounded exposure to accounting, business law, economics, finance, marketing, and computer applications.  For more information, please contact Gary Amundson (406-657-1610 or gamundson@msubillings.edu), Coordinator for the Online General Business Option.

The new Fire Science track in the General Business Option is designed for students who have completed an A.S. degree in Fire Science and would like to complete a Bachelor’s degree.  All courses required for this degree are offered in an online format.  Students completing this option receive a well-rounded exposure to general business classes as well as specific topics of interest to those in Fire Science disciplines.  For more information, please contact Gary Amundson (406-657-1610 or gamundson@msubillings.edu.), Coordinator for the Online General Business Option, or Jennifer Leonard (406-657-1689 or jleonard@msubillings.edu).

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