2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

The Department of Health and Human Performance

Bachelor of Science Degree
Major in Outdoor Adventure Leadership

The Outdoor Adventure Leadership degree develops leadership skills, awareness of group dynamics, facilitation methods and effective communication techniques.  This degree combines the study of educational and leadership theory and practice with technical outdoor travel and adventure.  Students will acquire and enhance environmental skills and knowledge related to a variety of populations including senior citizens and youth-at-risk.  They will also explore issues ranging from ethical controversies and risk management to program design.

Specialized skills acquired with Outdoor Adventure Leadership include sequencing, facilitation, and processing of activities, with specific attention to transferring the learning from activity-based experiences to “real lives” of participants.  In addition, the ability to safely engage in and provide outdoor activities and effectively teach skills in outdoor and indoor settings are central to the degree.

Outdoor Adventure Leadership prepares students for careers in a wide variety of leadership positions with hands-on learning activities.  The Outdoor Adventure Leadership degree allows the student to teach outdoor skills to others, safely oversee outdoor programs, and design programs for corporate and community organizations.   Students are prepared for professions with agencies that have a natural resource foundation and public and private entities utilizing the outdoors.

Outdoor Adventure Leadership majors pursue careers in many different areas. Options include employment with specialty outdoor training schools, outdoor and environmental education centers, municipal park and recreation departments, land management agencies, military programs, student recreation in higher education, and commercial guiding operations, among others.

The Student Learning Outcomes for this option include:

  1. Demonstrate safe and effective leadership in the skill areas encompassed in the program, consistent with professional standards, including risk management.
  2. Plan, implement, and evaluate adventure experiences in areas encompassed in the program.
  3. Determine and evaluate participant learning outcomes in outdoor adventure experiences.
  4. Professionally communicate knowledge, demonstrate skills, and evaluate participant performance in adventure activities and programming. 

A grade of C- or higher is mandatory in all health and human performance courses satisfying the major requirements.

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