2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

The Department of Health and Human Performance

Dr. Kathe Gabel, Chairperson
PE 120, (406) 657-2370

Professors:  Gabel, Lord
Associate Professors:  Carling, Shaw
Assistant Professors:  Fitzgerald, Hughes, Nynas
University Lecturer:  Morgan
Instructor:  Murray
Professors Emeritus:  Alterowitz, Iverson

Undergraduate Degrees and Majors

Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Human Performance
Options in:
- Health and Wellness
- Human Performance
- Health and Physical Education K-12 Teacher Licensure or Teacher Certification Option

Bachelor of Science Degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership

Teaching Minor in Health and Physical Education (K-12)

Minor in Coaching

Minor in Health Education

Graduate Degrees

Master of Science in Athletic Training
Master of Science Interdisciplinary Studies Exercise and Sport Leadership Option

For details covering the graduate degrees, see the Graduate Catalog.  Graduate Catalogs may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Studies, McMullen Hall first floor west, Montana State University Billings, 1500 University Drive, Billings, MT 59101-0298, (406) 657-2238 (www.msubillings.edu/grad).

The Department of Health and Human Performance offers professional preparation programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Performance with Options in Health and Wellness, Human Performance, and Teacher Licensure in Health and Physical Education (K-12), and a Bachelor of Science degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership.

A teaching minor is also offered in Health and Physical Education (K-12), as well as non-teaching minors in Coaching and Health Education.

Graduates from the Health and Human Performance department succeed in professional positions as health educators; as applicants to doctoral programs such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and physician assistant; as teachers and coaches; as health and fitness center directors; and in the wide variety of health, outdoor programs, and exercise science programs for which the different program options prepare them.

Advising Information

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor each semester to confirm that their Plan of Study is accurate and complete.  If necessary, changes and updates should be made in order to ensure that program requirements can be completed in a timely manner.  Faculty advisors work with students to explore appropriate internships, cooperative education placements and/or experiential learning opportunities that will enhance the student’s academic program.  In addition, advisors provide assistance in selecting elective courses which support the student’s interests, career plans, and professional development.

Academic advising services for freshmen health and human performance majors are provided through the Advising Center on McMullen Hall first floor west, but students are encouraged to establish a relationship with department faculty as early as possible.  During the sophomore year, health and human performance majors will be assigned to a faculty advisor in their department for upper-division advising and advising files for upper-division students are maintained within the department.  Although advisors are available to assist students in designing their Plans of Study, students are ultimately responsible for meeting degree requirements.

All candidates from the College of Allied Health Professions, College of Education, College of Business, and College of Arts and Sciences who plan to be recommended for State of Montana licensure must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program at Montana State University Billings.  They must also meet all of the Teacher Education requirements (see page 259).

General Education Requirements

The General Education requirements must be fulfilled by majors and minors.  General Education classes should be taken during the first two years of college.

Activity Courses

The Department of Health and Human Performance offers an array of physical education activity courses for both majors and non-majors wishing to develop competencies in the specific area of study.

Performance Area I – Team Athletics
ACT 113 Beginning Softball
ACT 140 Beginning Basketball
ACT 180 Beginning Volleyball

Performance Area II – Aquatics
ACT 170 Beginning Swimming
ACT 270 Intermediate Swimming
ACT 271 Swimming for Fitness
ECP 103 Basic Lifeguard Training
ECP 111 Water Safety Instructor

Performance Area III – Racquet Sports
ACT 109 Beginning Racquetball
ACT 153 Beginning Badminton
ACT 169 Beginning Tennis
ACT 269 Intermediate Tennis

Performance Area IV – Lifetime Activities and Outdoor Skills Courses
ACT 104 Beginning Bowling
ACT 110 Beginning Weight Training
ACT 146 Beginning Golf
ACT 150 Beginning Yoga
ACT 155 Beginning Judo
ACT 274 Scuba Diving
ACT 294 Seminar/Workshop:  Pilates
ACT 294 Seminar/Workshop:  Self Defense
ACT 294 Seminar/Workshop:  Advanced Yoga
ACT 294 Seminar/Workshop:  Introduction to Belly Dancing
ACT 294 Seminar/Workshop:  Belly Dancing II
KIN 202 Personal Fitness
REC 110 Environment/Leave No Trace
REC 119 Nordic Skiing I
REC 120 Hiking/Backpacking

Performance Area IV – Lifetime Activities and Outdoor Skills Courses cont'd
REC 122 Alpine Skiing I
REC 123 Telemark Skiing I
REC 125 Snowboarding I
REC 126 Snowshoeing I
REC 130 Fly Fishing I
REC 140 Mountain Biking
REC 150 Low Element Challenges
REC 155 Rappelling/Belaying
REC 158 Caving/Spelunking
REC 160 Shooting Sports I
REC 178 Canoeing I
REC 181 Basic Navigation/Orienteering
REC 182 Advanced Navigation
REC 185 Winter Survival Skills
REC 187 Basic Survival in the Outdoors
REC 189 Avalanche Awareness and Safety
REC 220 Alpine Skiing II
REC 230 Fly Fishing II
REC 233 Skiing/Snowboarding Instructor
REC 255 Rock Craft I
REC 257 Rock Craft II
REC 258 Ropes Rescue
REC 260 Shooting Sports II
REC 275 Kayaking I
REC 276 Kayaking II
REC 277 Rafting I
REC 278 Rafting II
REC 281 Search and Rescue
REC 287 Archery I
REC 288 Archery II
REC 306 Outdoor Living Skills
REC 358 Swift Water Rescue
REC Guiding Fly Fishing
REC Guiding Hunting

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