2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Affairs, cont'd


Commencement is held once each year at the end of the Spring term.  All diplomas are officially awarded at the end of each term.  The date of graduation and the degree a student is to receive will be posted on the student’s Official Academic Record at the end of the semester in which the student meets all requirements.  Students should acquaint themselves with their specific majors’ academic requirements.  An advisor is assigned to every student; however, it is the student’s responsibility to know and meet the requirements for graduation.

A student who intends to graduate with a master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, associate degree or certificate will be permitted to participate in the Spring Semester Commencement Ceremony only if the student complies with the following procedure:

  1. Students are to file their Application for Graduation the semester before the semester of graduation.  Application forms are available from the Office of Career Services, Library 100.  All applications should be filed no later than the fourth week of the semester in which the student intends to graduate.  The fee should be paid at the Cashier’s Window and the application needs to be filed with the Office of Admissions and Records, McMullen first floor west.  This application is good for one year from the date of information supplied by the student on the Application for Graduation in the blank labeled “Semester/Year Graduating.”  After one calendar year from that date, the Application will be destroyed and the student will need to re-apply and re-pay the fee.

    The Application for Graduation is required in order to prepare and forward the Final Evaluation for Graduation to the necessary offices for approval.  A student who submits an Application for Graduation after the fourth week of the semester may have the final evaluation for graduation processed the following semester and will graduate at the end of that particular semester.

    The Final Evaluation will be circulated during the student’s final semester.  The Final Evaluation must be completed, must have all the required signatures, and must be returned to the Office of Admissions and Records before notification of the student’s graduation is posted on the student’s Official Academic Record.

  2. Student must meet, by the end of the Summer Session, all of the graded requirements for graduation or be enrolled in Pass/No Pass coursework the following Fall Semester and meet all the requirements for graduation by the end of that Fall Semester.

Diplomas are generally mailed near the end of the next academic term (i.e., Fall graduates will receive diplomas in early June, Spring graduates in January).

Please note:  Certain departments may have additional academic requirements that must be met before students will be permitted to graduate and/or participate in the commencement ceremony.  Students should check with their major department for any additional departmental requirements.

The determination for honors for students who will graduate at the end of the Spring Semester or Summer Session will be calculated on the most recent semester completed.  Should a student’s cumulative grade point average (including any transfer work) at the end of the Spring Semester or Summer Session entitle the student to an honors designation, this recognition will be recorded on the student’s Montana State University Billings academic record.

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