2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Affairs

Scholastic Requirements

Grading System

A - Excellent.
B - Good.
C - Average.
D - Minimally Passing.
I - Incomplete work (not included in GPA).  Work must be completed within one calendar year or the “I” grade will be converted to an “F” grade.  The faculty who awards the “I” will assign all necessary academic work to convert the “I” to a letter grade.  The student does NOT re-register and pay for the class.  Access to D2L to finish incomplete work is arranged through Admissions and Records.
F - Failure, grade below passing (included in GPA).
W - Withdrawal from class without penalty (not included in GPA).
N - No credit/Audit.
P - Passing (not included in GPA but credits count toward graduation).
X - No Pass

Incomplete “I” Grade

An Incomplete is given only when a student has been in attendance for at least three-fourths of the semester but has been prevented by circumstances beyond his/her control from completing all of the requirements of the course.  A student must provide adequate evidence to the instructor as to the reason why he/she was unable to complete the requirements for the course.  If a grade of “I” Incomplete has been given, the instructor shall advise the Office of Admissions and Records in writing what the student must do to remove the deficiency.

An Incomplete must be made up within one calendar year.  An “I” grade is not included in the computation of the GPA.  An “I” grade not made up in the prescribed length of time automatically becomes an “F” grade.  Once the “I” grade has been converted to an “F” grade, the course must be repeated in order for the grade to be changed.

Access to D2L to finish incomplete work is arranged through Admissions and Records.

Change of Grade

A change of grade may be made for error only.  A change of grade may not be made to allow additional time or for additional work once the semester is completed.  A change of grade is not meant to substitute for an Incomplete grade when an Incomplete cannot be justified.  No grade may be changed after one full year unless approved by the instructor’s Academic Dean and the Academic Standards and Scholastic Standing Committee.  Once a grade has been submitted to the Admissions and Records Office, it may not be changed to a lower grade without the written approval of the Dean of the respective College.

Pass/No Pass Grading Mode

Pass/No Pass is offered as an opportunity for undergraduate students to explore courses outside their major, minor, or option curricula and outside the Professional Core Requirements for Teacher Education or Pre-Admission Requirements for Business.

Under the grading mode, the grade of “P” is given if the students’ work is judged to be the equivalent of “A,” “B,” or “C.” The grade of “No Pass” (symbolized by “X”) is awarded if the work is equivalent to “D” or “F.” The students’ Pass/No Pass grades do not affect overall GPA.  However, “P” grades may be counted as credits earned toward a degree.  Other policies concerning Pass/No Pass are as follows:

  1. Courses designated by the departments are available Pass/No Pass.  Certain courses are taught only with this grading mode; other courses may be excluded from Pass/No Pass grading.  Therefore, students should check with their advisor for details.

  2. Students may enroll in courses as Pass/No Pass up to a limit of 20 semester credit hours to be counted towards graduation.  Credits earned by challenge, experiential learning assessment such as military credits, student teaching, cooperative education, or internships do not count toward this 20-credit limit.

  3. Students declare this grading mode at the time of registration.  Students may change their grading mode to Pass/No Pass up through the last day to add at the beginning of each semester or term.  After the last day to add, any request to change grading mode (Pass/No Pass to letter grade or vice versa) must be petitioned by the student to the Academic Standards and Scholastic Standing Committee.

  4. Courses taken under Pass/No Pass may be repeated for a letter grade.  A course taken for a letter grade may not be repeated as Pass/No Pass.

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