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Student Affairs, cont'd

American Indian Outreach

LA 210, (406) 657-2144, (406) 657-2182

The American Indian Outreach office assists American Indian students in making academic, cultural and social adjustments to Montana State University Billings.  Activities include an American Indian peer mentoring program, a professional network called Intertribal Clan Mothers, a drum group for Indian men, and individualized assistance in creating internships for all majors that are relevant to the American Indian community.

This campus recognizes and has a commitment to cultural diversity that is demonstrated by the American Indian Outreach office and the Diversity Center.  The staff of both offices join forces to provide advocacy for students, referral to other Student Affairs and MSU Billings programs including Native American Studies, and serve as a liaison with tribal educational representatives and other community organizations.  The annual celebration of the Billings American Indian Heritage Day exemplifies the collaboration between MSUB and the local and regional communities in providing cultural experiences for students, Kindergarten through college.  The American Indian Outreach Office also collaborates with the Montana Indian Athletics Hall of Fame and the School District #2 Indian Education Office.

The Diversity Center is committed to providing a welcoming campus environment for all students.  To accomplish this, the Diversity Center foster social and professional opportunities, cross-cultural training for staff members, and advocacy for any student that meets a minority sector by race, creed, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.  The mission of this office is to ensure we are meeting the various needs of all students through fair and equal representation and opportunity.
Amistad, advised by the Diversity Center Coordinator, is a new campus organization for any student of Latin ancestry.  As a new program, the full extent of focus is still a work in progress, as it will be student focused and student driven.  Recognizing Hispanic students, offering leadership roles, and providing cultural activities will all be integral parts of this successful student organization.

Intertribal Indian Club

Intertribal Indian Club is open to all interested students.  The Intertribal Indian Club is a student organization, established to assist Native American students in their adjustment to university life, to promote scholastic ability, and to foster pride in the cultural heritage of the Native American.  The Club is involved with the planning  and sponsorship of an annual Pow Wow, the largest student-sponsored campus event.  Other activities include social events that are culturally appropriate to share in a campus environment such as dances, Native Games, documentary films, and Native cuisine.

Diversity Center

SUB 223, (406) 896-5902

The Diversity Center is committed to providing a welcoming campus environment for all students, faculty, staff, and guests.  The Diversity Center fosters social and professional opportunities, as well as advocacy for all diverse students.  The Diversity Center coordinates diversity training for campus constituents, plans and hosts monthly diversity events, and implements the Diversity Initiative Group (DIG) on campus to enhance the mission of increased diversity, inclusion, and respect for all which are integral parts of MSUB’s core values and goals.  The mission of this office is to ensure we are meeting the various needs of diversity and diverse population through fair and equal representation as well as increased opportunity for learning and understanding about diverse issues.

The Diversity Center offers leadership opportunities for students through clubs or organized meeting groups, such as Intertribal Indian Club and Hispanic Club.  Each group is student focused and student driven with opportunities to engage in campus and community programs, events and socials.  For more information or to inquire about starting a new Diversity Center Student club, please contact the office number above.

The Diversity Center oversees a Peer Mentor Program for minority students.  The program is designed to connect successful upper-class students with new incoming freshman during their first year at MSUB.  The program helps to assist incoming students with acclimating to the higher education environment and offers academic and social support.

New Student Orientation

McMullen First Floor East, (406) 657-2888

Contact New Student and Retention Services for new student orientation sessions, which are scheduled each academic term.


Campus Police, (406) 657-2147

MSU Billings provides parking for students for a fee.  All vehicles parked on University property must display a current MSU Billings parking permit on weekdays when the university is in session during the hours specified in the “MSU Billings Traffic and Parking Regulations” brochure.  Students may pick up parking permits from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Campus Police office on the ground floor of the parking garage, southwest side, and during Fee Payment week in McMullen basement.

Physical Education Building

The Physical Education Building at MSU Billings includes two gymnasiums, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a racquetball court, a running track and other recreational and health facilities.  During set hours each semester the facilities may be used by students and their families for swimming, workouts, etc.  Use is free to students while family members pay a nominal charge.

Recreational Activities

PE 016, (406) 657-2881

The Recreational Activities Program offers a wide range of activities.  It provides all students, faculty and staff with recreational opportunities in competitive and noncompetitive events as well as organized and informal activities as regularly as their time and interest permit.

Intramural Sports  Competition is scheduled for individual, dual and team sports.  Participation is generally arranged in men’s, women’s and coeducational divisions for each activity.  These range from the traditional team sports of flag football, volleyball, basketball and softball, to the popular individual and dual sports such as racquetball, tennis and golf.  Everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of experience or skill.

Leisure Recreation  This informal activity allows those not wishing to be a part of a structured program to make use of our fine recreational facilities.  The Physical Education Building includes two gymnasiums, a swimming pool, six racquetball/handball courts, a weight/exercise room, an indoor jogging track, four indoor tennis courts, and locker rooms.

Student Health Services

Petro Hall, (406) 657-2153
City College at MSU Billings, (406) 247-3027

The Student Health Services (SHS) is an ambulatory health care facility which is available to students to care for illnesses and injuries, to promote improved mental health, and to encourage a healthy life style.  With a staff of mid-level providers (contracted through St. Vincent Health Care) nurses, mental health counselors, and a health educator, we provide health care, immunizations, limited emergency services, mental health counseling, and health education programs.  SHS strives to encourage students to become responsible and knowledgeable consumers of health care.  All students enrolled for seven or more credits are charged the Student Health Service fee.  It is an optional fee for six or fewer credits.

Student Health Insurance

All MSU Billings students enrolled in seven or more credits are required to have some form of health insurance.  A student health insurance policy is available to MSUB students.  Before registering, students will be asked to elect or waive this insurance.  Students must elect or waive the health insurance before the 15th class day of fall or spring semesters.  The premiums are paid on a semester basis, along with tuition and fees.  Those students electing to take the insurance for spring semester will be covered through the summer sessions whether or not they are taking summer classes.

Note:  All students are eligible to use the Student Health Services, whether or not they enroll in the student health insurance.

Insurance policy brochures are available at fee payment and at the Student Health Services office on the 2nd floor of Petro Hall and City College at MSU Billings, SHS 2nd floor of the Tech Building.

Full information about the student health insurance program provided by the Montana University Insurance Consortium is available at www.university.bcbsmt.com.

For questions about enrolling in insurance coverage for other family members, please contact SHS.

Student Opportunity Services (SOS/TRIO)

Library 141, (406) 657-2162

This federally funded program is located on the lower level of the Library.  SOS/TRiO assists eligible students by helping them to remain in school and graduate.  To be eligible, students must meet one of the following:  be from a low-income background, be a first generation college student (neither parent earned a bachelor’s degree), or have a documented physical and/or learning disability.  SOS/TRiO offers:

  • Peer Mentoring
  • Study Groups/Tutoring
  • Informational and Skills Building Workshops
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Counseling & Referral
  • Midterm Evaluations
  • Newsletters
  • Assistance in Graduation Preparation
  • Preparation for Graduate School
    and more!

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