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Student Affairs, cont'd

Housing and Residential Life

SUB 221, (406) 657-2333

Residence Halls

Montana State University Billings provides on-campus living facilities for students who are pursuing an educational mission.  The residence halls offer an environment which is desirable for those who are seriously seeking a well-rounded education. 

Participation in hall programming and group processes is part of the complete experience the residence hall provides.

Students living in the residence halls may select from a variety of living options.  The residence halls offer a safe and fun-filled environment where students can live well, work well, and be well during their college experience.  The residence hall experience includes some amazing benefits like wireless technology throughout the halls, in room sink, cable television, laundry services, and more.  Visit our webpage at www.msubillings.edu/reslife for more information about the residence hall experience.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to make arrangements for any specific needs with the Office of Housing and Residential Life and Disability Support Services prior to moving on campus.

Residence hall living is available during Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions and during break periods to those students meeting the necessary requirements.

To apply for residence hall living, contact our office at (406) 657-2333 or visit our website to get the Housing Application.

Family Housing

MSU Billings offers 10 family housing apartments for students currently enrolled in 12 or more credits.  Family housing eligibility includes:  married students, single parent with children, or married students with children.  Family housing apartments include 6 three-bedroom apartments and 4 two-bedroom apartments.  There is an application and $25.00 application fee to place your name on the waiting list for an available apartment.

To obtain more information about family housing apartments, contact the housing office at (406) 657-2333 or visit our website, www.msubillings.edu/reslife.

Housing Application

Residents who sign their Housing Applications and pay their $100 Room Damage Deposit to reserve a room have entered into a legally binding agreement with Montana State University Billings for the purchase of housing.  Once a student has moved into the residence halls and accepted or signed for a room key, and has signed a contract, he/she is financially obligated by the contract for the entire year, and may only be released for the following reasons:

  1. Withdrawal from Montana State University Billings.
  2. Graduation from Montana State University Billings.
  3. Internship or student teaching assignment out of the area.
  4. Medical condition.
  5. Extreme financial circumstances.
  6. Marriage.
  7. Academic suspension.
  8. Disciplinary suspension.

Any student wishing to cancel a Housing Contract for an upcoming term must notify the Office of Housing and Residential Life in writing at least two weeks prior to the first day of classes in order to receive a Room Deposit Refund.  Room and board rates, programs, and rules and regulations governing the residence halls are subject to change without notice.  An optional installment plan is available for payment of room and board.  Students may pay room and board in full at the beginning of each term or select the installment plan.  This selection is made in conjunction with regular fee payment.

On-Campus Requirement

All students who have earned fewer than 30 semester credit hours are required to live in a residence hall.  However, the following groups of students are automatically exempted:

  1. Married students.
  2. Single parents.
  3. Students with eleven or fewer credit hours.
  4. Students who reside with their parents.
  5. Students over 21 years of age.

The following groups may request a written exemption:

  1. Students residing with a member of their immediate family (grandparents, brothers, sisters).
  2. Students who have a particular hardship including a physical or mental condition which would preclude the possibility of living in a residence hall.
  3. Students who have other extenuating circumstances that compel an exception.

All requests for exemption must be made to the Office of Housing and Residential Life.  These requests must be made in writing and must be on the Housing and Residential Life Request for Exemption From First Year Live in Requirements Form.  This form can be obtained from the Office of Housing and Residential
Life or visit our website:  www.msubillings.edu/reslife.  Supporting documentation must be supplied with this request.

A supporting notarized letter is necessary from a parent if the family member with whom the student wishes to reside is not a parent.

The Office of Housing and Residential Life will approve or deny all exemption requests.  Appeals regarding decisions of the Office of Housing and Residential Life may be made to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.  The decision of the Vice Chancellor will be final.

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