2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog


Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

Students are expected to maintain certain academic standards and make satisfactory progress toward a degree in order to receive federal and state financial aid.  In accordance with Federal and State laws and regulations, MSU Billings has established a policy to define and administer standards of academic progress for all students.  Detailed information explaining the financial aid satisfactory progress standards, including the appeal and reinstatement process, is available on line at www.msubillings.edu/finaid/SAP.htm.

Refund Policy

The institution’s refund policy for students who withdraw from college ranges from a 90 percent refund for class days one through five; 75 percent for class days six through 10; 50 percent refund for class days 11 through 15; there are no refunds after the 15th day of classes.  Students with financial aid may have to return some or all of the financial aid they received if they withdraw or if they do not begin attending classes.

Financial Aid – Summer Session

Summer financial aid is based on the FAFSA information used to determine eligibility for the previous fall and spring semesters.  Those students who are Pell eligible should also complete the upcoming FAFSA to ensure they receive their maximum Pell grant eligibility.  To determine aid eligibility for summer, students must provide a copy of their summer schedule to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.  For specific information please visit our web site at: www.msubillings.edu/finaid/SummerFinAid.htm.

Financial Aid - Study Abroad

The Financial Aid Director will review requests for funding “Study Abroad” coursework after receiving the following information and documentation:

  1. Document acceptance into the study abroad program;
  2. A copy of the course approval form;
  3. A list of all necessary direct education expenses such as:  tuition & fees, books, class supplies, room and board
  4. A copy of the airline ticket or a letter from a travel agency listing the cost if the student is to incur airfare or travel expenses

The above information must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at least six weeks prior to departure.  Any adjustments to a student’s award will be based upon eligibility and available funds.  Most grant and loan programs have yearly limits which cannot be exceeded.  These limits could affect a student’s funding level, even if allowable expenses are documented.

Additional information is available by contacting the Financial Aid Office in McMullen Hall first floor east, or calling (406) 657-2188 to make an appointment.

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