2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Semester Tuition and Fee Schedule
Effective Fall Semester, 2013

Tuition and fees are subject to change by authorization of the Board of Regents of Higher Education.  If you have questions on the current fees, please call the MSU Billings Business Office at (406) 657-2301 or stop by McMullen Hall ground floor west.  Comprehensive fee and extra fee tables are available through the MSU Billings website at www.msubillings.edu/boffice under Student Account Information.

A student paying for 12 credits in a semester can take any additional credits for no additional tuition.  This is referred to as the “flat spot” in the Tuition and Fee Schedule.

Tuition and fees for graduate studies, extended studies, summer session, workshops, and conferences may be in addition to or in lieu of the required fees.  Please consult the publications pertaining to the special session, course, workshop or conference to determine those fees.

Fee Schedule Explanation
Required Tuition and Fees Per Semester

Registration Fee

A $30.00 nonrefundable fee is assessed each enrolled student per semester.

Tuition Fee

Students are charged tuition each semester to pay for the delivery of the education they are receiving.  Resident students are subsidized by the State of Montana and pay a reduced tuition rate.

Associated Students Activity Fee & Recreational Activity Fee

Students enrolled for seven credit hours or more each semester are required to pay for activities sponsored by the Associated Students of Montana State University Billings.  Students enrolled for less than six credit hours pay a reduced activities fee each semester.  Online only students do not pay these fees.

Academic Building Fee

The Academic Building fee varies based on the number of credit hours taken.  The funds generated from this fee are used to pay a portion of the costs of repair, maintenance, and operation of the state owned buildings on campus.

Resident and Nonresident Building Renewal and Replacement Fee 

All students are charged a building fee for the building and replacement of campus structures.  A reduced rate is charged to students taking less than 7 credits.  A nonresident building fee is collected in addition from all students who are not residents of the State of Montana.

Equipment Renewal and Replacement Fee

Enrolled students are assessed an Equipment Renewal and Replacement Fee each semester.  This fee is used to replace obsolete equipment with new equipment and cover costs of equipment repairs.

Student Union Fee

Each semester students are assessed a fee pledged for the operation of the Student Union.  Students enrolled for less than four credit hours pay a reduced fee.

Computer Fee

Students are assessed a computer fee to cover the expense of student used computer equipment and labs.

Athletic Fee

Students enrolled at MSU Billings are assessed a fee to subsidize the University’s athletic department and associated activities.  Students enrolled for seven credits or less pay a reduced athletic fee.  Online only students do not pay this fee.

Library/Assessment Fee

All students are assessed a Library/Assessment fee.  Funds generated from this fee are used for the purchase of new and replacement books, periodicals, and assessment tools.

Technology Replacement Fee

All students are assessed a tech replacement fee.  This fee is used to support the information technology infrastructure.  All students accessing email or the web are utilizing and benefiting from the tech replacement fee.

Comprehensive Health Plan

Student health coverage consists of two parts:

Health Service

All students are entitled to services provided by the Student Health Center.  Students enrolled in 7 or more credits are charged a mandatory fee.  Students enrolled for six credit hours or less may have the benefits of the Health Center services by electing coverage and paying the semester fee.  Online only students do not pay this fee.

Health Insurance

All students enrolled in 7 or more credit hours will be automatically enrolled in the health insurance plan and assessed the health insurance premium.  Any student covered by another health plan must access the insurance waiver form via the student secure web site prior to the 15th class day and their account will be adjusted.  Students who enroll for four to six credit hours may participate in the health insurance plan upon request by enrolling in the plan, paying the insurance premium and the Health Service fee.  Students taking less than four credits may petition to enroll in the health insurance plan.

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