2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Drops and Withdrawals

Dropping a Course

Dropping a course is permitted through the seventh week, 35th day of the semester.  There is no penalty for failing work through the drop period.  Dropping a course is also permitted through the 13th week and up until 10 class days from the official end of the semester (not including final) with the approval of the student’s academic advisor and course instructor.  Once a course grade is submitted, the course may no longer be dropped without instructor and advisor approval.  After the 13th week, students may not drop courses, and the instructor will assign a letter grade.  The mark “W” is assigned to any course dropped after the 15th day of class.

After the 15th class day and before the 13th week, all drops must be formal and must be recorded by the student with the Office of Admissions and Records

In all courses in which a student fails to complete all requirements and for which no formal withdrawal has been filed in the Office of Admissions and Records, the final grade for the course shall be an “F.”

Withdrawal from College

Students who withdraw from the University during a semester are required to fill out a withdrawal form and complete an exit interview with an advisor in the Advising Center located on McMullen Hall first floor west or City College at MSU Billings Jacket Student Central.

Students who officially withdraw during the first fifteen days of an academic term will not have the coursework reflected on the transcript.  Students who withdraw after the third week will receive a grade of “W” (Withdrew) in all classes.

Students who do not officially withdraw from classes will receive letter grades (other than a “W” grade) to be determined by the instructor of each class.

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