2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog


First-Time Students

  1. All first-time students at MSU Billings need to apply to the University and be accepted before they can register (see the Admissions Section of this General Bulletin, page 19).

  2. After being admitted, students should check for the beginning dates for registration (see the inside cover of this General Bulletin), after which students may register at any time.
  3. New Student Orientation Sessions are scheduled throughout the summer and immediately prior to the beginning of Spring Semester.  Attendance at one of the Orientations is expected.  Placement testing, course registration, processing of student identification cards, and other information necessary for a successful first semester at MSU Billings is accomplished at New Student Orientation.
  4. First-time students at MSU Billings are required to visit with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes.  Academic advising is provided as part of Orientation.  A student’s course schedule must be approved by an academic advisor before actual registration can take place.  The Advising Center is located in McMullen Hall first floor west, (406) 657-2240, or at the City College at MSU Billings Jacket Student Central, (406) 247-3019.

  5. As students are expected to complete 120 credits over an eight-semester period of time to graduate in four years, a minimum of 15 or more credits must be taken each semester.  To encourage students to take a full load of 15 or more credits, a “Flat Spot” in the tuition has been created allowing students to register for 12 or more credits for the same tuition as 12 credits.  Thus, whether one registers for 12, 15 or 18 credits, the same tuition applies.  It is clearly to students’ advantage to register for 15 credits or more a semester.

  6. Once the course schedule has been approved, the student should follow registration instructions found in the Schedule of Courses or on the web at www.msubillings.edu.
  7. Some classes may be restricted or closed and need departmental approval.  Student should see department for assistance in registering for these courses.

  8. Students may add courses during the first seven instructional days of the semester before permission of the instructor or department chairperson is required.  Dropping a course with a partial refund is permissible through the 15th instructional day, and a course may be dropped without a grade penalty up through the 13th week of the semester (a W reflecting withdrawn will apply).  With instructor and advisor approval, a course may be dropped up until 10 class days (not including finals) from semester’s end.  Once a course grade is submitted, the course may no longer be dropped without instructor and advisor approval.

  9. Students who have not paid their bills by the close of business on the 3rd day of classes may be dropped from their classes.
  10. If registration takes place after the third day of the semester, a late fee will be added to the registration charge.

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