2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Descriptions

Integrated Sciences
Biological & Physical Sciences
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* SCIN 101 Integrated Sciences I
3 cr. Prerequisite: M 095. Corequisite: SCIN 102. (F)  Introduces the concepts and methodology of science by integrating biology, chemistry, physics and geology to investigate specific relevant topics.  In particular, the themes of organization, energy, transformation, and diversity are explored in relation to each scientific discipline.  Emphasizes conceptual rather than mathematical treatment; however, basic algebra skills are required.  Lab required.

* SCIN 102 Integrated Sciences Lab
0.5 cr. Corequisite: SCIN 101. (F)  Enhances the lecture material of SCIN 101 through experimental activities.

* SCIN 103 Integrated Sciences II
3 cr. Prerequisite: SCIN 101. Corequisite: SCIN 104. Offered ONLY Online. (Sp)  Continues to apply the concepts and methodology biology, chemistry, geology, and physics to additional topics.  Further details of the application of organization, energy, transformation, and diversity are explored.

* SCIN 104 Integrated Science Lab II
0.5 cr. Prerequisite: SCIN 102. Corequisite: SCIN 103. (Sp)  Enhances lecture material of SCIN 103 through experimental activities.

SCIN 201 Special Topics in Science
1 cr. Prerequisites: SCIN 103 Provides an advanced study of special topics in science.  Restricted to non-science majors in the University Honors Program.

SCIN 490 Internship
V1-3 cr. Prerequisites: Elementary Education major or Special Education major; completion of PHSX 105, BIOB 101 or equivalents with grade B or higher and consent of instructor.  Provides opportunity of direct use of teaching skills in science areas under a supervised setting in college laboratories and lectures.

SCIN 491 Independent Study
V1-4 cr. Prerequisites: Completion of PHSX 105, BIOB 101 or equivalents, consent of instructor and consent of department chairperson.  Designed to provide the student with the opportunity to study any aspect of integrated sciences which is not offered directly as a course.

SCIN 492 Seminar
V1-3 cr. Prerequisite: Completion of PHSX 105 or equivalent with a grade B or higher.  Provides students in elementary education and/or special education an opportunity to investigate science topics pertinent to the teaching of science at the elementary school level.

SCIN 493 Workshop
V1-4 cr. Prerequisites: Completion of PHSX 105, BIOB 101, or equivalents, and consent of instructor.  Provides opportunity for experimental and/or library research study in integrated areas of the sciences.

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