2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

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Information Systems
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MIS 244 Operating Systems, Algorithms, Data Structures and Hardware
3 cr. Prerequisites: MIS, 103, 104 or successfully pass competency exams.  Introduces the main concepts from both traditional and distributed operating systems.  Topics covered include: goals, structural concepts, process management, memory management, storage management, and security issues.  Examples are drawn from a variety of operating systems.  Also includes data structures and algorithms.

MIS 365 Database Management
3 cr. Prerequisites: Admission to upper division standing, CSCI 100 or consent of department. (F)  Introduces the theory and principles of modern database management systems, including the ideas of data and program independence, schemas, hierarchical and network structures, relational systems and data description and query languages.  The student uses several data base systems available on mainframe and microcomputers on campus.  Includes a major project assignment.

ices offered by fire departments are examined.

MIS 424 Business Intelligence with SQL Server
(WR) 3 cr. Prerequisites: Admission to upper division standing and BMIS 499.  Introduces students to the role of Business Intelligence in the delivery of accurate, useful, and timely information to the appropriate decision makers to support effective decision making.  Looks into the source and foundations of Business Intelligence; covers creation of Data Marts, building OLAP and Cubes by using Microsoft SQL Server.

MIS 463 Server Side Scripting
3 cr. Prerequisite: BMIS 310, MIS 365.  Provides students with advanced web programming skills needed to create websites with database interaction.

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