2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Descriptions

Biological & Physical Sciences, (406) 657-2341
Health & Human Performance, (406) 657-2370

NUTR 121 Clinical Human Nutrition
[formerly BIOL 104 Nutrition for Health Careers]
2 cr. (F, Sp, Su)  Introduces the importance of a nutritious diet in the maintenance and promotion of health.  Emphasizes clinical aspects of human nutrition and appropriate uses of diet therapy in the clinical setting.  Designed for students in health care pathways.  Restricted to ASN/PN majors at MSUB City College.

NUTR 221 Basic Human Nutrition
[formerly BIOL 221 Human Nutrition]
3 cr. Prerequisite: BIOB 101 or BIOH 301, and CHMY 121. Recommended: CHMY 123. (F, Sp)  Includes the principles of adequate diets in human nutrition, which involves carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, absorption, digestion, metabolism, and energy utilization as they relate to health and food consumption at different stages of the life cycle.  This is primarily a course for health science majors.

NUTR 411 Nutrition for Sports and Exercise
[formerly HHP 432 Nutrition in Health and Human Performance]
3 cr. Prerequisite: KIN 105/106, NUTR 221. (F, Sp)  Emphasizes nutrition as it applies to fitness, training, and athletic performance.  Topics include macro- and micronutrient requirements and dietary recommendations, energy metabolism, anthropometry, body weight issues, increased nutrient needs during training and competition, and nutritional ergogenics.  Application of concepts is reinforced in a nutritional assessment of a volunteer student athlete and educational video project.

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